abuse – institutional abuse often can take form in the sense of poor
working practices and lack of supervision and quality of care within the health
and social care setting.

Sometimes its due to being understaffed and patients go
neglected not receiving the proper supervision and care they should.
Institutional abuse can also take place within emergency care facilities ie
foster homes.

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Institutional abuse is the maltreatment, neglect, or abuse
of an individual within care settings or services that result in poor standard
of care.

Signs of institutional abuse can range from inadequate care,
lack of personal hygiene and dietary needs, restriction of privacy and dignity
and general lack of respect for the individual’s human rights, limited contact
restricting times and days for visitors and poor moving and handling practice.

If institutional abuse is suspected its important not to
ignore it hoping someone else will report it, we are duty bound as an employee
of the health and social care department to report such suspicions to the duty
manager of the institution informing them of our suspicions and the need to
investigate further.  

Bullying –
bullying in the workplace should never be tolerated and must be dealt with
quickly and sufficiently.

Bullying can take form in many ways from saying malicious
things about an individual or patient, belittling them, constantly talking down
too, ignoring them, intentionally giving them wrong instructions to get them
into trouble, unfair treatment and exclusion.

Bullying has disastrous effects on everyone around them,
making an individual feel worthless and dread the workplace, which in result
will affect their role being fulfilled to the highest standard and creating an
atmosphere that’s not nice to be part of both for colleagues, patients and the
victim of the bullying.

If we find ourselves in this situation or we witness a
colleague or patient being bullied we should speak up and not suffer in
silence, we should see if we can sort it informally first ourselves and if that
doesn’t work speak to the manager or human resources department and if that
doesn’t work take it to the tribunal.

Employers are responsible to prevent and take action any
form of bullying with their employees and are liable for any suffering to their
employees in the workplace over bullying and harassment.   


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