Communication plays a crucial role in any kind of business.
Although effective communication does not guarantee success of any business but
in effective communication assure problem and very soon these problems will
become a crisis. Communication in any business is  of vital importance to be able to express
objectives, necessities, emotions etc. In business, communication is used to
promote a product or services, relay information within the business   or deal with legal or similar issues. We can
also define business communication as a process of transmitting information and
thoughts between various parts of an organization and also to people outside
organization. Communication process consists of some interrelated steps or
parts through which messages are sent form sender to receiver. The process of
communication begins when the sender wants to transmit a fact, idea, opinion or
other information to the receiver and ends with receiver’s feedback to the
sender. The main components of communication process are sender, message,
channel, receiver and feedback Effective communication is essential and
indispensable for the success of any business effectiveness.

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Barriers to Effective BusinessCommunication

Barriers to Communication in a
Business that occur in an organization is the direct result of failing to
communicate among business representatives. it is a hindrance of a successful
communication. Basically, communication is a process of taking in or out and
finally count on both sender and receiver. Faulty communication causes the most
problems to be a successful business. It leads to confusion and can cause a
good plan to fail. It totally turns to the level of condensation within the
parties engaged in the way of conversation and how the level of condensation
being keep on the sharing through each other consequence of the quality
communication ( Eisenberg, 2010). It distorts to exchange and flow of
information and ideas from one person to another and affects the chain of
understanding that integrates the members of a business organization from top
to bottom, bottom to top, and side to side

Below are some of the exclusive barriers to
effective business communication which are shown in Figure 2. and are listed

Ø  Physical Barrier: some of the physical barriers
in an organization are listedbelow

out area portraying a particularterritory.


areas for the people of differentstatus.

Ø  Perceptual Barrier: Each individual is
different and that is why they think different. A same message may be taken
differently by different individual and that will create abarrier.

Ø  Emotional Barrier: Emotional barrier is one of
the chief barriers to open and  free  communications.  This arises when people become very mindful
of what they are going to speak next. They 
feel vulnerable and hence this stunts their thinking power

Ø  Cultural Barrier: When people belonging to
different culture work together, can be 
oneof  the  business communication barriers in an organization.
So, to avoid this kind of problem there must be a cultural diversity in the
work place.

Ø  Linguistic Barrier: When the people of
different nationalities and different mother tongue  work 
together there must be biggest communication barrier in the workplace.
When they couch their communication in their language, it is a way of

Ø  Technological Barrier: Some time due to the
technical failure the message is not delivered completely  or not delivered at all and this will create
a barrier in businesscommunication.

Ø  Improper way of explaining: Some speakers get
frustrated when the other person fails to understand things quickly, this will
create a business communicationbarrier.


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