Informedconsent is a process to obtain a permission from a person to take part inresearch activities/medical procedures.

This is to ensure the person agree for medicalinterventions or disclosing information when needed.  This process is based on guidelines frommedical ethic and research ethic. When obtaining an informed consent the personmust understand the reasons he/she included on that research. Clear explanationincluding risks and benefits must be explain by the researcher. The person alsoneed to be informed that he/she can reject to be included inside the researchproject before the project started. He/she also can quit from the researchproject during the process  withoutobjection from the researcher. In other situation, if a person unable to giveinformed consent due to mentally disorder, parents or legal guardians of thechild can sign the informed consent on behalf of that person. The parents orlegal guardians also need to well informed regarding the situations that neededthem to sign on behalf of that person.

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In medical field, consents can beassumed via the doctrine of implied consent to prevent death or loss of bodyparts. For example when unconscious person may die without immediate treatmentthe doctors may do the best to safe person life. This is occurs because theydon’t have enough time to look for family members to ask for consent as time isgold for that particular patient.                Duringsigning the informed consent form the person must fully understand the cons andprons by performing that action. Check your name spelling and identificationnumber, ensure its correct for future reference. Make sure you have the copy ofthe informed consent to protect our self.                Issuesfor getting informed consent in research on human objects such as religiousinfluences false expectations and language barrier. For example, Jehovah’switnesses refuse blood transfusion.

  Theyseen it as a sin by accepting blood transfusion willingly and without regret.On this situation medical practitioner have to respect patient’s request. Eventhough the Church would not take disciplinary actions against the witnesssomehow they still not agree for blood transfusion. Many people have falseexpectations for the experiment outcomes. People afraid of being treated asmere “experimental model”. They also refuse to sign for informedconsent due to historical evidences of clinical trial fraud and misconduct thatcan lead to disability or death. Getting informed consent from old people ofChinese communities may lead to language barrier as some of them do notunderstand english or malay.

This can lead to misunderstanding due to incorrector inadequate language translations. Many people withdraw in later stages ofongoing clinical studies because they not fully aware what they are signingfor.


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