A web browser is an application or software designed for retrieving, providing, and traversing data information on the World Wide Web (Parsons, 2008). This paper will evaluate three major web browsers; it will compare their utilities and features for a broader understanding.

Mozilla Firefox, Opera mini, and Seamonkey are the three web browsers covered in this project paper. Generally, this discussion will provide key similarities and differences between the three web browsers. Because Mozilla Firefox is the most common web browser, we shall compare it with the other two web browsers.

Opera mini browser and Mozilla Firefox

Display. Parsons (2008) argues that, both Opera mini and Mozilla Firefox programs have the same placement of buttons just like other commonly used browsers. Opera mini has a “skinned” theme while the Mozilla Firefox has a simple interface (Parsons, 2008).

Generally, the two appear almost same in terms of theme. Additionally, both browsers have features that are user friendly. In fact, in terms of preference both programs are easy to use. Features. Both browsers have a difference in terms of features since Opera mini has “add-ons” (Parsons, 2008). Although it is possible to add “add-ons” features to any program, Mozilla Firefox browser does not have this application.

Firefox only contains some basic features unlike Opera mini that contains Opera Mail and Bit Torrent among many others (Parsons, 2008). Memory use. In terms of memory usage, both programs have a difference in this feature. Opera mini browser is by far better than Mozilla Firefox is; Opera mini is very efficient in terms of memory.

On the other hand, Firefox browser has issues with memory usage. In fact, the latest version of Firefox is complicated and does not handle memory very well; despite its development, the plugin feature seems to consume more memory and this makes the program to respond slowly (Parsons, 2008). Speed. This test is complex and it is difficult to decide which browser has a better speed for both programs. However, based on my observation Opera mini is faster for slower connection. Mozilla Firefox loads more content before showing them while Opera mini browser loads and displays content instantaneously (Parsons, 2008). For this reason, Opera mini is faster in loading slower connections especially loading basic HTML for G-mail.

Mozilla Fire fox and Seamonkey browser

Mozilla Firefox and Seamonkey browsers are similar in one way or the other. After a broad investigation, I have discovered that both programs are compatible with most common operating system including Windows, Linux, and UNIX among others (, 2010). On the other hand, these two browsers have differences in the following areas. Display. Display is an essential feature to consider when making comparison between these two browsers.

It appears that Mozilla Firefox has a better and advanced display compared to Seamonkey browser; Firefox has custom themes while Seamonkey browser lacks this feature (, 2010). User friendly. Mozilla Firefox is much better than Seamonkey browser in terms of user friendly. With Firefox, it is much easer to navigate which also helps in saving time (, 2010). In addition to this, Firefox browser enhances page zooming while Seamonkey does not have this particular feature.

When using Firefox the user can be able to increase the size of the page to enhance visibility.


In summary, it is no doubt that Mozilla Firefox is popular among the most commonly used web browsers. Compared to all other browsers Firefox seems to be outstanding all others browsers although they posses some wonderful features.

It is important that users should consider a web browser that is easy to use, has considerable speed, and is cost effective.

References (2010). Comparing Mozilla Firefox to Seamonkey. Retrieved fromhttp://web-browser. Parsons, D. (2008). Dynamic Web Application development using Xml and Java. Stamford: Cengage Learning EMEA.


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