India’s retail
market is expected t? gr?w at a C?mp?und Annual Gr?wth Rate (CAGR) ?f 10 per
cent t? US$ 1.6 trilli?n by 2026 fr?m US$ 672 billi?n in 2017. While the ?verall
retail market is expected t? gr?w at 12 per cent per annum, m?dern trade w?uld
expand twice as fast at 20 per cent per annum and traditi?nal trade at 10 per
cent. Indian retail market is divided int? “?rganised Retail Market” which is
valued at $60 billi?n which is ?nly 8 per cent ?f the t?tal sect?r and “Un?rganised
Retail Market c?nstitutes the rest 92 per cent ?f the sect?r.

India’s Business t?
Business (B2B) e-c?mmerce market is expected t? reach US$ 700 billi?n by 2020. ?nline
retail is expected t? be at par with the physical st?res in the next five

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India’s t?tal p?tential
?f Business t? C?nsumer (B2C) is estimated t? be US$ 26 billi?n, ?f which $3
billi?n can be achieved in the next three years fr?m 16 pr?duct categ?ries, acc?rding
t? a study by Federati?n ?f Indian Chambers ?f C?mmerce and Industry
(FICCI) and Indian Institute ?f F?reign Trade (IIFT).

India has replaced
China as the m?st pr?mising markets f?r retail expansi?n, supp?rted by expanding
ec?n?my, c?upled with b??ming c?nsumpti?n rates, urbanizing p?pulati?n and gr?wing
middle class.

India is expected t?
bec?me the w?rld’s fastest gr?wing e-c?mmerce market, driven by r?bust
investment in the sect?r and rapid increase in the number ?f internet users.
Vari?us agencies have high expectati?ns ab?ut gr?wth ?f Indian e-c?mmerce
markets. Indian e-c?mmerce sales are expected t? reach US$ 120 billi?n by 2020
fr?m US$ 30 billi?n in FY2016. Further, India’s e-c?mmerce market is expected t?
reach US$ 220 billi?n in terms ?f gr?ss merchandise value (GMV) and 530 milli?n
sh?ppers by 2025, led by faster speeds ?n reliable telec?m netw?rks, faster ad?pti?n
?f ?nline services and better variety as well as c?nvenience.

India’s direct
selling industry is expected t? reach a size ?f Rs 23,654 cr?re (US$ 3.54 billi?n)
by FY2019-20, as per a j?int rep?rt by India Direct Selling Ass?ciati?n (IDSA)
and PHD.
Indian exp?rts ?f l?cally made retail and lifestyle pr?ducts grew at a CAGR ?f
10 per cent fr?m 2013 t? 2016.

The size ?f m?dern
retail in India is expected t? d?uble t? Rs 171,800 cr?re (US$ 25.7 billi?n) fr?m
Rs 87,100 cr?re (US$ 13 billi?n) in three years driven by ?mni-channel retail. 


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