Indian is home to almost all the major religions of the world: Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Islam, Sikhism and Christianity making India and its citizens proud owners of a unique culture which is a blend of different customs and traditions. India              is a vast country with great diversity of physical features like dry deserts, evergreen forests, snowy Himalayas, a long coastline and fertile plains; each terrain is home to countless languages and cultures and one being born in this epitome of diversity is bound to come into contact with this medley of traditions and I was no exception. Being born and raised in a family where an industrious father bore all the hardships, he raised himself from the position of an owner of a small sweet shop on the corner of a bus station in a small town in Madhya Pradesh to a contractor working tirelessly in the progressive land of Marathas, Maharashtra, being charmed by superior education and healthcare facilities for his family.Owing to this contrast between a region marking the cultural – purist..

orthodox -heritage of India to a land known for its Purogami (Reformist or Forward) culture, I had an unmediated experience with assorted sets of Indian societies. Spending an extensive span of my teenage in Nagpur, Maharashtra­­ — the land of saints, educationists, revolutionists and actors — where the majority of populace is Hindu and Lord Ganesha is the *some trait showing most worshipped* God, I witnessed the outlook held by the occupants of the region fortunate to host the maiden bullet train corridor. MNCs Electric grid supply bullet trainA multifarious society is like a salad-bowl, with every component having a different identity, irrespective of its ingredients. Traversing further down the south, I crossed path with various components of this variegated community. Migrating to Hyderabad, the city where the traditions–both cultural and linguistic–of North India and South India meet. I ..

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came in contact was drawn to the education system deeply rooted in this city of pearls, cultivating in me a sense of dedication and hard work. Staying in this southern part of India for two years, I subconsciously adopted traits integral to the inhabitants such as the mannerism and bits of Telugu language.Leaping from a region highly connected by metros and advanced railway network, I halted at Ranchi – the tribal capital, where instances of Diesel Locomotives of the era 1970s-80s can still be spotted hurdling through the rigors of eastern part of India – gaining some insights to the development of these underrated sets of the country where a motley of Bands and Dance groups are adhering to a hip-hop culture, a similar sight as the one seen in America where the African-Americans are usually engrossed into hip-hops. Working towards educational growth of these deprived castes, numerous Self-help groups, NGOs and educational trusts have been functioning in this region; Navodaya Vidyalaya, a system of schools for talented rural children, attempts to provide them with quality education comparable to the best in a residential school system.

I helped their cause by providing voluntary teaching sessions to the masses there.Nukkad- famous street play on a social issue in front of a large audienceConclusion


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