#IncludeLiquidCrystallcd(7,8,9,10,11,12)://L293D//MotorAInt motor1 = 2:Int motor2 = 13:Int GREEN=4;// Use the onboard Uno LEDInt RED =3;Intsensorout =6;//This is our input pinInt sensor1= HIGH;// High Means No ObstacleInt sensor2= HIGHVoid setup() {Pin Mode (GREEN,OUTPUT):Pin Mode (RED, OUTPUT);Digital write(GREEN, HIGH);Digital write (RED, HIGH);digitalWrite(RED, HIGH);pinMode(sensorin, INPUT);pinMode(sensorout, INPUT);Serial.begin(9600);}Void loop() {Sensor1=digitalRead(sensorin); //Reads the output ofthe obstacle sensor from 7th PIN of the digital section of thearduinoSensor2=digitalRead(sensorout);Icd.begin(16,2);Icd.print(“Train Automation”);If(sensor1==HIGH)//LOW means something is ahead, soilluminates the 13th port connected LED{Icd.clear();Icd.setCursor(2,0):Icd.

print(“Train barrier”);Icd.setCursor(6,1);Icd.print(“CLOSE”);digitalWrite(GREEN, LOW);digitalWrite(RED,HIGH);digitalWrite(motor1,HIGH);digital write(motor2,LOW);delay(800):digitalWrite(motor1,LOW);digitalWrite(motor2,LOW);}Else{ If(sensor2==HIGH){Icd.clear();Icd.setCursor(2,0);Icd.print(“Train barrier”);Icd.

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setCursor(6,1);Icd.print(“OPEN”)digitalWrite(GREEN, HIGH);//illuminates the 13thPort LEDdigitalWrite (RED,LOW);digitalWrite(motor1,LOW);digitalWrite(motor2,HIGH);delay(800)digitalWrite(motor1,LOW);digitalWrite(motor2,LOW);}}Delay(200);}  CONCLUSIONTheproposed system is highly reliable, effective and economical at dense trafficarea, suburban area and the route where frequency of trains is more. Usingautomatic railway crossing system, we improve the rail road transportationfacility by reducing the chances of occurrence of accidents at unmanned levelcrossings and providing immense safety.

Also this technique has fast operationthan older system, it saves a lot of time as it is automated whereas manualsystems take time for the line man to inform the station master to close andopen the gate which will consume a considerable amount of time. The obstacledetection unit has been employed in the proposed system to reduce the accidentsat level crossings into maximum extent. Since the design is completelyautomated it can be used in remote areas where no station master or line man ispresent and it doesn’t degrade than existing system. Thus this system finds itsapplications in many cases.

APPLICATIONSAutomatic railway gate control system iscentered on the idea of reducing human involvement for closing and opening therailway gate which allows and prevents accidents near level crossing gates.Here we use the servo motor to open and close the gates automatically when itrotates clockwise or anticlockwise direction to operate the gate automatically.In the obstacle detection part the ultrasonic sensor sensed the obstacle andthe train stops as soon as the obstacle detection message is conveyed to thenearby railway station as well as for the train operator. So through thissystem any obstacle on track can be detected and accident can be avoided andalso the message as been conveyed to the concerned. FUTURE WORKSThe accidents due to railway level crossing andthe obstacle can be avoided in real time by implementing this system and thewhole process is completely automatic. In future the features like wirelesssystem can be implemented in the real time operation. In real time operationvibration sensors can be used in place of IR sensors for the detection ofarrival and departure of train. So the vibration sensor serves better whencompared to the IR sensors for the real time.

Using the same principle as thatfor gate control, I have developed a concept of automatic track switching.Considering a situation where an express train and a local train are travellingin opposite direction on the same track, the express train is allowed to travelon the same track and the local train has to switch on to the other track,indicator lights have been provided to avoid collision. Here the operation isperformed using a motor. Electromagnets can be used in practical purpose.


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