In just about
every business position that you work in, some sort of writing assignment is
required. No matter if it’s a a text, social media post/update, or an email,
we’re always relying on creating messages to communicate with each other.
Although some people may think that it’s not a big deal to have poor grammar,
this can lead to major problems within a workplace. Even the smallest grammar
mistake can have a major impact on how your coworkers and customers view
you.  A bad grammar mistake could give
off the impression that you’re not educated or skilled enough in the position
you’re working in.

Email is probably
one of the most preferred and most used ways of communication. Since emails
have such a powerful communication impact, having grammar mistakes in your
message can backfire in your career. 
Making a good first impression is one of the most important steps in
succeeding in your career. Imagine if you received an email from a job
applicant that was filled with spelling and grammar errors . What kind of
impression would you get from them? You would probably not take them seriously
and would have major doubts about if you want to hire or work with this person.

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If you’re sending
out an email with errors and can’t take the time to proof read or spell check
what you’ve written, how can you expect employers to be sure that you will be
able to represent their company accurately? Making these mistakes will cause
your boss, coworkers, and clients to constantly be second-guessing your work,
and it will be hard to try and make a case for yourself since your boss or
coworkers may constantly be second-guessing your work.

For example, if
youre writing a company’s website for customers to purchase prodcuts on, and
the page is filled with grammatical errors because you failed to proofread and
spellcheck the website, customers are going to be less willing to purchase any
prodcuts from that company.  Now, you’re
not only creating a bad reputation for yourself, but your also creating a bad reputation
for the company you’re working for. In oher words, people who tend to be more
thorough are also those who make less grammar and spelling mistakes when
writing important messages. This means that they’ll make fewer mistakes while
completing their overall responsibilities.


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