In tilldate professional journey, I am blessed to have work with multinational, IndianConglomerate & Currently with growing Indian company. Though eco systemsare very different across 3 spheres, the amount of learning in terms of whatnot to do is immense. In case ofMNC set-up where there are 3 people for the work of 1 guy in name of amount ofcomplexity (instead of having the latest systems & processes along withcutting edge technology platforms), the rampant show-off & projection ofwork is the norm.

The leadership should not encourage this behavior & havefocus on real value addition across levels. Mere jargons to be used to justifyown concepts/philosophy may not work other than similar set-ups outsidespecific organization & will not send right signals to down the line teammembers other than current set-up. There are instances where leaders havetendency to drive herd mentality and keep their protégés along with themwherever they go – In the same company with different assignment or in casethey are joining other company. Issue is not with right or wrong in this caseas there are few set-ups where the outcome expected is so stringent in terms ofdeliverables and timelines, this arrangement is fine as far as person reallyfeeling the gap w.r.t. meritocracy and not by force position creation. The pastsuccess or better experience has no guarantee to be replicated in newcircumstance.

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Just because to prove the point based on past success andchallenging status quo without syncing in system is detrimental fororganization. This might serve the vested interest of a leader, but not asustainable solution for organization in long term. The real task for a leaderis to have balance between short term & long term with larger purpose inmind. Few things may work and few would not happen. By challenging each andevery events while taking the charge by person for his predecessor is a diseasein evolved system. This is not to blame the person as one has been compelled bythe precedent set by organization design where people start judging the newperson based on past accomplished tasks.

Leader must assure the management interms of setting the right milestones with realistic timelines to avoid theunnecessary process of keeping up with jones mentality and contribute in realsense. Based on my limited till time experience is that “Keep it Simple &straight” is not a sin but would be appreciated by teams on long term basis andpass on the baton with right things in coming days will create a good legacy. Leadership isnot to do with mere title but living upto the expectations out of given role.Unless & untill the impact is not resulting into either next level ofleadership from down the line or business results, it will be just an air in aballoon which cannot help to fly. Impact starts from oneself where beingjudgmental and having too much unconscious bias lead towards down the lineteams at receiving end.

For example, type of assignments/projects to be given,type of learning interventions, mentoring without any biases require lot ofcourage without having pre-conceived notions. In case of Support functions,there is a beautiful concept of “facilitation” to escape from takingaccountability for the outcomes. There are leaders who are creating the hype byname of initiatives and projecting to have alignment with business however incase of not resulting into meaningful outcomes, getting leeway to just makingline function as scapegoat for not executing the same. There are instanceswhere there is need of joint accountability and equal stakes are lying to havean opportunity to be part of success in true sense. In case ofIndian conglomerate set-up leadership is confined with “yesmanship” &complying with bear minimum parameters. You are not displaying right examplefor your teammates to cherish & sharing a reality which is hollow.

Thereare instances where taking quick decisions are not being appreciated or beingseen as skeptical. The pace to be balanced based on reciprocal way however onecannot drag the things in such a way that it becomes non-repairable. In nutshell, leadershipis not about proving a point or behaving like – “My way or Highway” philosophy.The day one will be able to “Attach” and “Detach” with tangible &intangible associations & deliver the value in real terms, there would notbe need to think on – What Leadership is Not? 


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