In Wuthering Heights
the importance of social status is seen through the entire novel, since
Heathcliff is not in the same social status as Catherine is. Their love is not
only based on physical attraction but on inner. They grew up together despite
the world’s wish to separate them, and the main reason is their social status
difference. The two are very similar, yet so different.

    Elizabeth Bennet, from Pride
and Prejudice, is similar to the Catherine. She is funny, noble and
intelligent but she is also very ironic. We can see development in relationship
between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, which moves from refusal to incomparable love.

heroine from Wuthering Heights,
Catherine is very stubborn, selfish and sometimes arrogant but she is brave,
which we can notice from defending of her attitudes, opinions and interests.
Her lover, Heathcliff is revengeful and very brutal. It’s is his harsh wish for
revenge, two decades long that makes him so brutal and revengeful. Even though
that Catherine knows him she still loves and accepts him the way he is. Their
love sometimes can be seen as selfish and destructive.

it comes to the Wuthering Heights by
Emily Bronte, it is different in one aspect then Pride and Prejudice, but yet very similar in some aspects. Wuthering Heights may be considered a
masterpiece of English literature. One of the most celebrated stories is the
one about Heathcliff, whose parents are unknown and whose origin is very
mysterious, and his tragic love story with Catherine. When the novel was
published many Victorian critics were shocked by its brutality. At first the
novel represents absolute contrast to the novel Pride and Prejudice, but when we analyse characters, situations as
well as consequences we can see similarities between these two novels.

Almost in all Jane Austen’s novel the
basic theme is marriage, which was the important and maybe the only way to
change people’s destiny of that time. This event was a reason of many conflicts
including conflicts of of characters, feelings and ideals
and interests, material interests as well as family interests. Pride
and Prejudice may be considered one of the most popular novels from Jane
Austen. This novel has very meaningful themes and a very good style. One of the
leading themes in this novel is conflict between Mr. Darcy’s
“pride” and Elizabeth’s “prejudice”.


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