In the recent years, social media andcommunication has grown astronomically. Online social media have gainedmind-blowing worldwide growth and popularity. According to various researchstudies social networks are impacting the society  greatly. And this can be both positive andnegative impact.        As weknow, social media includes all social networks that we use in our daily life.Some people think that social media has more benefits than drawbacks, while others think the opposite.         Firstly, I want to start from positivesides of social media.

The first and main advantage of the social mediais connectivity. People from anywhere can connect with each other. It` s a great opportunity because we canshare our thoughts with other people.     Secondly, socialmedia has a lot of benefits for the students and teachers.

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It is very easy toeducate from others who are experts and professionals. Forinstance, you can find some online lessons or take lessons by video calls.    The last and the main advantage of social media is that you update yourself from the latesthappenings around in the world. For example, you canread about everything what happens in the world, also, you can watch videos andupdate the news. From my point of view, it is one the main and best opportunitythat social media give to us.         As I said, like everything inthe world, social media can’ t be the perfect thing and it has some drawbacks,that seriously affect our lives.

Firstly, the main problem is addiction. The addictive part ofthe social media is very bad and can disturb personal lives . The teenagers arethe most affected by the addiction of the social media. They get involved veryextensively and are eventually cut off from the society. For example, nowadays teenagers spend half of their time sitting andchatting at social media. As teenager I can say that , not all, but most partof teenager will “go crazy” if we will take out social media from their  lives.      Second drawback is, health issues. The excess usage of social media can alsohave a negative impact on the health.

A lot of peoplehave problems with eyeside, because of the computers and phones. It looks likeit is not a big problem, but in our century even 3-4 old children wear glassesfor sight. In my opinion it is not normal, and it will become a huge problem inthe future.         So, the last thing about social media is that, social media can cause adeath of people. Notjust by using it, but by following the stunts and other crazy stuffs that areshared on the internet. For example,  people start to do meaningless stuffs andshare their photos or videos in social networks. Sometimes it can be reallydangerous for their life.

Because adolescentshave not strong consciousness, it is easy to manipulate them.       When we talk about social media, it is impossible to do not mentioncommunication technologies. As we know, we are not able to use social mediawithout communication technologies, like, phones, laptops and computers.

Like asocial media, communication technologies affect our lives in the same way.          To sum up, I want to say, that in my opinion, social media andcommunication tehnologies slowly ruin it life. According to Karl Pilkington,”Everyone is living for everyone else now. They’re doing stuff so they can tellother people about it. No one wants to hear about daily routine”.

Some peoplecan not agree with me, but day by day, we continue to use it. And as itcontinues we don’t feel that this technologies seriouslyaffect our mind, ourhealth and our lives. And I believe that we must to decrease the time that wespend on social media, if we want to save our life’s. It’s kind of said thatSocial media is a big part of our life, but, at lest we can try to use it in abetter way.


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