In Forged by Fire, there are real life problems that aren’t really talked about. Domestic abuse is one of them. Domestic abuse is when a partner in a relationship uses any type of form of abuse to control the other partner. Monique is a victim of domestic abuse as in Forged by Fire she is a victim of multiple types of abuse, verbal and physical. Domestic abuse causes lots of problems and happens to a lot of people, teenagers, to adults , both genders, etc. Domestic abuse can cause financial problems, mental illnesses such as anxiety, ptsd, and depression, and  teens who are involved in abusive relationships are also more likely to have these  problems too.         For a person that is in a marriage where they are being abused, leaving them could be hard. Financials can be hard to pay off for divorces. This could be one of the reasons why some people choose to stay in abusive relationships. Another reason why victims stay is because their abusive partner may isolate them, so they’ll have nothing and can’t leave.The victim might not be able to fund themselves on their own, so they would stay with them. In New Jersey, we provide counseling, hotlines, twenty-four hour shelters, , financial support , and housing advocacy services. This can be helpful for a lot of married people who are victims and feel like they want to leave, but can’t afford to financially.          Domestic abuse can affect the victim where there is bad after effects such as mental illnesses. Depression, ptsd, and  anxiety are some of the most common ones. The stress and pain that the victims are put in cause these disorders.  Ptsd, also known as post traumatic stress disorder affects the victim by having flashbacks, self destructive behavior, severe anxiety, and social isolation. Depression makes the victim lose interest in their daily activities, loss of appetite, excessive crying, and hopelessness. The type of affect anxiety has on the victims is nausea, fatigue, excessive worry, poor concentration, and fear. These illnesses have long term effects on the victims.           Not only are  married adults victims of this, but teenagers are also affected badly by being in an abusive relationship. Abuse in teen relationships is just as serious as it is in adults. Since they are younger, it will have a greater affect on them since they are more fragile. They slip into depression and anxiety and fail to maintain a normal teenage life Teens stay in these relationships because they fear their partner, like adults do, minus the financials and children        In Forged by Fire Monique and Angel are victims of Jordan’s domestic abuse. After Jordan got out of jail, he tried to maintain himself, but ended up slapping Monique. Monique was always scared of Jordan, ignoring his abuse, and said “it’s teaching them a lesson” because she’s afraid Jordan will hit her. This is emotional abuse. Angel was abused sexually when Jordan wanted to play “the game”. The game’s rules are ” touching is good telling is bad”.Also he manipulated her by saying he’ll kill monique if Angel tells.Domestic Abuse isn’t something that should be taken lightly. There are hotlines available for anyone who is in these horrible situations.Domestic abuse affects the victims financially,mentally and physically, and also affects adolescents. Unfortunately  many people are affected by this like Angel and Monique. If you or anyone you know is being abused by their romantic partner, please call a hotline for help.


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