In the early days of the Second World War information was obtained that the German Military(at that time named the Nazi’s) had learnt how to split an atom(fission), but furthermore after certain practices they accrued knowledge of what happens when you split an extremely unstable isotope (such as Uranium-235 or 238) and with this information, they planned to use it to construct a weapon for military purposes of mass destruction. At the time there were to well known scientist who had relocated to the United States due to their countries current circumstances; renowned  theoretical physicist Albert Einstein(who came to the United Sates to evade Nazi persecution)  and Italian born physicist Enrico Fermi(who took up citizenship in the States to escape Fascist Italy). These two men had knowledge of the information with regards to the Nazi’s plan to fabricate a weapon that could cause demolition and annihilate an entire city, and mutually agreed that it would be exceedingly beneficial if they informed the American President Franklin D.

Roosevelt of their knowledge of the issue. Einstein was the one who in fact put pen to paper, took action, and wrote to warn the President and while notifying him about the dangers such a weapon could cause in the hands of the Nazi’s, he additionally encouraged the President to take matters into his own hands, match the Nazi’s effort and strive to complete the development of the bomb before the German Military so they could end the war – Now as this was an historical event that happened close to 80 years ago, it is known that this weapon did in fact end the war, but at the cost of hundreds of thousands of lives(a majority of which were innocent civilians) and it had an affect that no humanitarian would want. After seeing the letter, Roosevelt didn’t quite see the reason or essentiality for such a project, he didn’t view the weapon as an object that would be favourable to the American’s and outweigh all the disadvantages – excessive money, large quantities of both common and rare resources, risking losing the war as they would be required to put in abundant hours and could risk being distracted form other issues – however President Roosevelt relocating agreed ti slowly proceed and move forward with the project. Two years later in the year of 1941, the project aimed to construct the words first atomic bomb was given its designated code name – the “Manhattan Project.

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“In the preliminary stages the research in the classified project was only taking place at a small amount universities, including Colombia University, the University of Chicago and the University of California in Berkley. However in 1942 an important breakthrough wads made when a group of scientist led by fermi discovered how to control the nuclear chain reaction beneath the grandstands of Stagg Field in the University of Chicago.After this advancements more grants were made, larger amount of money was designated to the project which allowed new experiments to be completed that would help further their advancements in research – this achievement sent the project running forward at high speeds. An assembly plant was constructed in Los. Alamos, New Mexico and was led by Robert Oppenheimer, who was in charge of thus sector.

Close to $2 billion had been spent by the American government on the research and developing of this ground breaking weapon that was aimed to bring all hell on whoever it was targeting. Over the multiple years that the highly classified project was in action, just over 120,000 Americans were employed and involved in the process.A challenge in this project was trying to keep their plan in secrecy away from other countries, in particular Germany and Japan. They knew that keeping all the people involved in the project quiet and stopping the from spreading news of the bomb would be nearly impossible, which caused them to find a crafty solution to keep this project in the dark. The leaders of the Manhattan Project devised a plan to only inform a small sample of scientists and officials who would actually have key involvement in the construction of the bomb itself.

Even powerful figures such as Vice-President Truman(who later found out about then project when he became President in 1945) had no idea of the existence of such a project at the time. However, information was later discovered that despite their best efforts, the knowledge of the development of the atomic bomb was entirely secret to the remainder of the world, as a Soviet spy named Klaus Fuchs managed to infiltrate the inner circle of scientist who were aware of the bomb.In the mid-summer of 1945 the Americans decided to take yet another step forward in their project, as Oppenheimer determined that it was time to test the mighty bomb to establish if did have the power and ability to cause enough destruction that it would bring end to this terrible war.


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