In recent years, light-weight weight, sturdy and price effective materials area unit in demand for energy saving. Researchers are attempting to formulate new materials which can solve the aim. They found ductile iron collectively such material. they’re doing analysis on this material and have targeted on attainable enhancements of mechanical properties by applicable heat treatment processes and conjointly by alloying, which may enhance its properties. Ductile iron once subjected to Associate in Nursing equal heat treatment method called “Austempering” produces Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI). it’s higher properties than ductile iron. After austempering of the ductile forged iron, the ensuing microstructure is thought as “Ausferrite”, that consists of fine simple primary solid solution with carbon enriched stable primary solid solution 1. The new microstructure results with capability superior to several ferric and aluminum alloys. As compared with pearlitic, ferritic or martensitic structures, Ausferrite exhibits double the strength for a given level of plasticityfashioned by standard heat treatment processes. The mechanical properties of the Austempered ductile iron rely on the ausferrite microstructure. The austempered matrix offers higher enduringness to plasticity magnitude relation than is feasible with the other grade of ductile iron 2. varied combos of properties are often obtained from austempered ductile iron owing to the ausferrite microstructure that depends on heat treatment conditions and alloyed parts. The material that offers the look engineer the most effective combination of low value, style flexibility, sensible machinability, high strength to weight magnitude relation toughness, wear resistance is Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI) 3. Austempered Ductile Irons area unit fascinating|a stimulating|a motivating|a remarkable|a noteworthy} category of materials owing to their distinctive microstructure and interesting properties. once subjected to austempering treatment ductile iron transforms to a microstructure consisting of primary solid solution and stableprimary solid solution instead of primary solid solution and inorganic compound as in austempered steels. owing to the presence of stable primary solid solution, ADI exhibits wonderful combination of strength and plasticity, beside sensible fatigue and wear properties 4, 5. Compared to the traditional grades of ductile iron, ADI delivers double the strength for a given level of plasticity within the sort of elongation. however achieving wonderful mechanical properties of the ADI material isn’t a straightforward task as they rely on austempered microstructure that could be a perform of its process window. The optimum combination of high carbon primary solid solution and bainitic primary solid solution of ADI makes it attainable to vie against steel forgings and different engineering alloys in terms of mechanical properties, physical properties, weight saving and every one that at low value. ADI offers superior combination of properties as a result of it are often solid like all different member of the ductile iron family, therefore providing all the assembly blessings of a traditional ductile iron casting. The ductile Iron casting is later on subjected to the austempering method to supply mechanical properties that area unit superior to standard ductile iron and cast steel. owing to its large space of applications, intensive works area unit being applied now-a-days to review the process and characterization of this material.In gift analysis work, the impact of nickel alloying still because the impact of warmth treatment parameters like austempering temperature and austempering time on microstructure and properties of the Austempered ductile iron (ADI) were studied.


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