In the 1800’s, The British Empire was one of the most powerful country. But some people didn’t like that they had to be Protestant, and because they didn’t want to be taxed. So people went to America and stayed there. These people were the colonists. Britain’s king George III didn’t like that there was colonies. And the colonists wanted independence from Britain. King George sent British soldiers to Boston.

And then the problems started. The Boston massacre took a big part in the cause if the revolutionary war. And also, the shot heard around the world was what really started the war.

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Nobody knew who shot the first shot. So they called war on each other.                                                                 Britain didn’t like that they had no control over them, so they made laws called “Acts”. Some of these Acts were the stamp act, sugar act, the Townshed acts, the tea act, and many more. Basically, Britain taxed them when they bought sugar, stamps, and other thing, Britain would get the tax back. The colonists were mad. So the Sons of Liberty dressed as Indians and they threw away tea that came from Britain.

             The colonies were pretty upset with all the taxes Britain had on the them. So they would kind of like vetoed everything they taxed. The Sons of Liberty dressed up as Indians and they threw away tea that came from Britain.

This was called the Boston Tea Party. They dumped 342 chests of tea into the water. This was a colonist Payback on Britain.

         The First Continental Congress was a gathering of colonial leaders in Philadelphia. They had the Bates like peace or violence, and the compromise was to boycott the British goals but prepare for war. In the Continental Congress they would talk about what is better for the colonies.

Also, they had a Second Continental Congress where they did the same thing and talk about beating Britain. In fact, doing that really helped them win.             After many wars, the colonies finally made a declaration called The Declaration of Independence. They made The Declaration of Independence because they wanted to be separate from Britain. One of the main reason was because of the high taxes the British charged the colonies. Many Americans believed that the British government did not have the right to tax them.

Another reason was because of trade because the British made the Americans buy only British goods and they didn’t not allow the Americans to trade and manufacture freely. The Declaration Of Independence separated Britain from the colonies, they were their own country now. The people who wrote the Declaration Of Independence was, Thomas Jefferson, john Adams, and many more.


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