In the article entitled “To Live where youwork”written by Mr. Joel Ruiz Butuyan who was “a product of the University ofthe Philippines and College of William and Mary in Virginia in the UnitedStates, has much to draw from. He briefly practiced law in Virginia and theMetro Washington area before returning to the motherland to resume his practice.

His fields are criminal, civil and commercial litigation, internationalbusiness law, corporate law, election law and labor law. He remains a member ofthe American Bar Association. He discussed the advantages of living in aresidential condominium to lessen the road commuters in Bulacan.” Though hefailed to discuss what can be the possible disadvantages of it. This articlewas published under the publishing company – Inquirer on the fourth day ofDecember 2017, Monday.The opinion of Joel Ruiz Butuyan about thereduction of the number of road commuters which can be attained be enablingpeople to live within a comfortable walking distance from where they work wasconvincing for he cited many advantages but the article is just one sidedbecause he did not tackle what can be the disadvantages of his proposition.

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Hestated that the workers near his condominiums will be living comfort if theyapprove this. Thus it can be a walking distance from the said condominium. Thiswill cause fewer number of road commuters to prevent traffic. Aside from that,it is also stated here that there was a proposal happened between the authorand his friend who was a lawyer on the production of the condominium. This willcover the business districts of Ayala Center, Ortigas Center at Bonifacioglobal city.

He also said that “each building will sit on 2000 – square meterlot, will be 30 stories high, and will hold 2,400 units will have 4,800occupants who work nearby” but there is a consequence this will be given onlyfor those who have affordable salaries. Given the fact that everyinfrastructure has a certain amount of money needed, this condominium willhappen if Php 3 billion will be the budget. Cited in the article, government orprivate contractors can still earn a respectable profit of each unit is sold atPhp 1.25 million.

It is a good thing that your workplace is near where youlive. You are able to prevent annoyance and irritation in the road and everyfare of everyday is more expensive than the rental expenses in the condominiums.See? Less expenditure, less worries. Mr. Joel Ruiz Butuyan’s point is convincingbecause he cited many advantages. For example, he said that the construction of20 of those buildings can reduce 192,000 commuters per day.

He computed itwithin 2 trips per day. The said number of commuters really that much. It isirritating and annoying to experience traffic. Though it is normal to thePhilippines, it is still unfavourable.

His other point is really one – sided,because the disadvantages of building this condominium are not given in hisarticle. He should do at least; cite an example of disadvantages for it tobecome more convincing. Like for example a crime has happened inside thiscondominium and the strength of the security is weak. This situation can affectthe trust of the occupants because of the carelessness of its management.

Onthe other hand the disadvantage of the reduction of number of passenger or roadcommuters may be a threat in the workers usually drivers because the least passengerthey get the least of their income that supports their family and most of themhave not enough education to pursue other job indicating more numbers of poorpeople in the society. Under a research, a jeepney driver earned around more orless 2000 pesos a day that was just enough to support his family needs in aday. If we assumed that least commuters may affect his jobs how can he grantthe needs of his family? How can he provide it if we least assumed that nocommuters or passenger in whole day may have the possibility that his familylived in a day without food, how about his children going to school? Yes, thereis a big advantage causes the reduction number of commuters, mostly in ournature but it can’t deny the fact that some people may be affected brought bythis kind of situation specifically the workers have less enough attainededucation that can be hard for them to find a new job. Therefore it mayconclude that the issue of the lesser number of road commuters be the greatesthelp for our nature but also a greatest threat to workers. What you mostprefer? We have to choose between two important options and take the risk;let’s put our own feet on the shoe of someone choosing between your job ornature.


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