In this Ted talk, David will explain the unknown reason ofwhy over 6.

5 billion people around the world own a smartphone by using scientificstandpoint and examples, and also spreading awareness about the negativeimpacts brought by phone addiction. By using a volunteer, David will altereveryone’s perspective by using volunteers and results from experiments.Multiple unanswered questions regarding phones will be revealed – in a veryinformative way.

  There is 8 billion population in the world, and over 6.5billion of people owns a smartphone. And shockingly, only 4.5 billion peoplehave the access to a working toilet. So, what makes this portable gadget soattractive and how is it changing your body and brain? But first, I need avolunteer. Who wants to be a volunteer?Can you stand up and take out your phone?Now imagine you are on a bus, with strangers surroundingyou, and you don’t want to talk to them. Then, you have your phone in yourhand, and start scrolling through social media.

What would your posture be likein this situation? Can you maintain like this and put down your phone?This angle might not seem as unnatural to our generation,but it is actually equivalent to the angle of an 8 years old child sitting onyour neck.You can go back to your seat now. I have done extensive research that proves Canadians spendaround 5 hours on their phone per day on average, 7 days a week, 30 days amonth, for years now.

And our body is gradually changing to adapt our habitsevery day. When the spine is adapted to our unhealthy posture of sitting, itbecomes a spinal malfunction called kyphosis, which can only be fixed byphysical treatment, very painful indeed. Therefore, we should adjust ourposture of sitting and put the phone up to a higher elevation, so our spinalangle can be fixed gradually. Well, since the distance between our phone screen and oureyes are getting closer and closer, our eyes are adapting to us looking at nearobjects, and this is myopia. As we learned in science, the light rays onlyfocus on the retina when the object is placed close to your eye, and the imagewould be blurry if placed far away because It would focus in front of theretina.

In fact, Dr. Mike, the lead investigator and clinical scientist of theWaterloo university says that: “Historically, myopia started at age 12 or 13,but now it is showing up more often in kids of six or seven years old.” In the1970s, only a quarter of North American population suffered nearsightedness,and now the number has doubled. It’s even affecting nearly 80 to 90% of someAsian country population.

But what makes it so hard to put down? Take for example a racing game. when you break the oldrecord, and you are achieving goals and your brain releases a portion ofdopamine. Since you broke your record, the game would reword you with fasterand better cars, which cause your brain to release more dopamine. And thiseventually becomes the compulsion loop. And it is also the exact same loop thatis causing the addition from serious drugs.

We are never truly alone on theinternet, social media, we never have the be bored under these constant feedsof information. Therefore, Compulsion loops can also be found in apps on ourphone. They are designed to constantly provide new content, and making themespecially hard to put down.

The phone is changing your brain too. There are two types of brain patterns: Alpha waves and gammawaves. Alpha waves often connect to relaxation and associated withfocusing ability. Gamma wave often connects to conscious attentiveness, likedoing math or physics.In fact, experiments have shown that when a cell phone istransmitting, like during a phone call, the power of alpha waves issignificantly boosted, means that phone transmission can literally change yourbrain.Since we use our phone so much, what does learning matter ifall of the information in the world is just a Google search away? if that’s theway you are using your mind, just searching on the internet, findinginformation, and forgetting them very quickly, you are not building knowledge.You are simply thinking like a computer.

Which means that the humanity is atstake, and it would be a shame if everyone is assimilated. If you look at thegreat monuments of culture, they come from people who are able to payattention, who control their mind. And that’s what makes our mind to think morecritically, and in a creative way.  So, overall. Phones are great in many way, and extremelyuseful when you need to check something online.

But, many successfulbusinessmen would take a smart phone vacation in order to increaseproductivity. So guys, try to take one day off from your phone and you will seethe differences. Thanks for listening. 


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