In the 1900 “the olden days” almost all the people were farmers so they could provide for there families. In the 1900 the people were still growing to more land.

They mad it to the great plans they made more farms to grow crops. The expanshion of the great plans lasted for 20 years. In 1900 to 1910 G. Washington found new ways to use peanuts, sweet potatoes, and soybean so you can have more kinds of foods. In 1941 to 1945 the frozen foods have became more popular. In the 1980 more farmers have used no-tillage or low tillage in farming. In march 1794 the cotton gin was invented. When the cotton gin was invented to lower or stop slavery.

 But insted it raised it more the 2 times what it was. At the same time it made 3 to 4 times as much cotton at a time. In 1900 the land was very cheep it was only $20 per acer. In 2015 one acre is $6,500 and that si just the land u still have to buy the equpiment. To farm your land you must have a tractor with is about $175,000 and you must buy gas and parts for it when it breaks down. The tractor help you a lot. If you use a tractor the time is so much faster other then having to pick your crop buy hand. In 1900 the would only had 1,656,000,000 and more then half of them were growing crops for there own families and to sell so the family could get clouths.

In 2015 there is 7,587,933,709 and not even 5% of those people are growing crops or raising any kind of plants or anmiles so it is so much harder to get every one in the world food so they can eat or survive. In 1900 texas only hade a few thousend of people in texas ter was a lot but not as much as there is nowIn 2015 there are 25,146,561 people in Texas not most bus some of are big farmers come from Texas they are a big help in the 1900 the prices of food was really cheep i can not find how much it is but i know from talking with my grandma it is not a lot.

The prices of food has gone up a lot!!! Now a days you can be driving and get hungrey and see a drive in resterount and stop in and eat and get back on the road. These places have been making more and more people obies with is making people fatter.


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