In the story The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank, there is not a lot of privacy with everyone living in such a small space. Secrets are hard to keep, everybody knows what is going on with one another. Jealousy is also another issue within this small space, that can affect the people in one’s life, whether it is with a rival, a friend, or even within their own family. Anne has found finally someone that she can talk to about her feelings, Peter, the boy that she found boring and shy when her family had to hide out in the secret annex.

They talk everyday about how they are doing. They ask a lot of personal questions of each other. One night Peter asks of Anne’s relationship with her family, “I suppose you always give each other a good night kiss, don’t you?”, and Anne responds affirmatively with no hesitation. Now getting to know him, Anne is beginning to have feelings for Peter, and at one point confesses that she loves him. This really shows how comfortable they are becoming with one another and how much they depend on each other during this difficult time in their lives.

Anne fantasizes about marriage and the possibility of her and Peter getting married after the war ends. Now that Anne and Peter have strengthened their relationship, and have been more open about each other, Anne has been a lot happier. Margot has noticed that Anne and Peter have been spending a lot more time together, and are getting closer to one another. Margot begins to grow jealous of their relationship, because other than her parents, she has no one to share her feelings with.

Anne begins to suspect that Margot is jealous of her relationship with Peter and this is very upsetting for Anne because she fears that Margot may start to like Peter as well. Margot notices that Anne is being harsh towards her. During this type of predicament it is important for you to have someone that you can talk to, so you can keep your sanity. What Margot needed was someone like Peter, who she could talk to about what she was thinking and feeling.        Anne’s and Margot’s lifelong relationship is being threatened in the secret annex by Anne’s new relationship with Peter. Anne has never really felt this way about a person before she met and got to know him.

If Anne suspects that someone would want to sabotage her new relationship, would she be willing to end her lifelong relationship with that person, in this case, Margot. If they weren’t in hiding there would be an easy solution for Margot, she would be able to go outside and meet a person that she could connect with, like Anne and Peter’s relationship.


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