In the article “The Fading Promise ofa More Meritocratic Society” by Ross Corbett, the author talks about theimportance of a college degree, that will guarantee people for a better future.Earning a college degree is all about opening up opportunities in life. Thebenefits of a college education are to have more career opportunities, betterpaying, higher skilled jobs, etc. In contrast to the college degree, theuniversity degree is not appreciated by Corbett. As Corbett mentions, somestudents have been admitted to elite university, the author suggests that theymight or might not succeed.

Because “It pushes to improve undergraduateretention and completion rates at these other universities result in a loweringof standards that threatens their signaling role, and with it, their ability toopen doors for their students” (Corbett 212). Some universities are told tomake sure that their students will graduate in six years. If one is notqualified in the admissions process, some schools will drop them in order to keeptheir higher graduation rates “the mission of these schools demands that theyfail students at a relative high rate and even that many freshmen be lost to moreselective schools as transfers” (Corbett 214). I do not like the idea ofgraduation in six years because I believe that most people do not like beingbound to graduation in a certain time. At a university, everyone is racing soit becomes very competitive.

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Therefore, it is important to keep yourselfshining among the crowd. At college, small class sizes help people to stand outmore to their professor and get to know your classmates better than you wouldjust sitting in a lecture hall “when there are 5000-plus students in a class,the opportunity for live interaction with the superstar professor must necessarilybe limited” (Corbett 215). From that, people will have less chance to ask questionsand obtain the skills that they needed. More importantly, college is so muchcheaper than university for those who want to save money. In my opinion, universityis not always the best path. You spend a lot of your time taking courses thathave nothing to do with an actual job because everything you learn is just theory.

Whereas in college, you focus on courses that relate to an actual job and gethands-on experience. 


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