In China, many people move from province to province to try to find more opportunities and better jobs. China has this hukou system where the citizens of China can have better-living services, like healthcare and schooling, but they can only have it in their own province. Zhan Haite didn’t like these rules so she organized protests in front of the Shanghai Bureau of Education and posted these thoughts online. She even wrote an editorial for the China Daily, a government-controlled newspaper. She fought to change the hukou policy through protests around Shanghai and sharing her opinion everywhere she could, like in interviews, editorials, and social media blog posts. First of all, Zhan Haite did many protests among Shanghai, but this one is influential to many like her. She organized a protest in front of the Shanghai Bureau of Education, because of the unfair hukou rules. In the text “Zhan Haite and the Case for Change”, it says in paragraph four, “and coordinated a protest at the Shanghai Bureau of Education.”, referring to Zhan Haite. This explains that she organized and lead a protest over in Shanghai where the rules for their education were held. She held protests wherever and whenever she could, and this protest was one of the many that she held and coordinated.Secondly, Haite also posted her opinion on the social media site “Weibo” and received lots of nationwide sympathy and backlash from it. In paragraph four of the text, it states, “She posted about her views on the Chinese microblogging website Weibo”. This evidence suggests that she posted her views on a Chinese social media site like someone would rant about an issue on Instagram or Facebook.Finally, She not only posted her views on social media sites and in protests but also in interviews and editorials. In the article of paragraph six, it says,” More protests against hukou were held. In a break with the government-controlled media’s usual tendency to avoid covering protests, the newspaper China Daily even invited Zhan to write an editorial for them. It was published in December 2012 under the headline, ‘Teen girl makes case for change.’ ” It also says in the text that she has been in many interviews. The total number of interviews that the article accounted for was three, in paragraphs four, seven, and eight. She was involved in many interviews and an editorial in a government-controlled newspaper, explaining why the hukou system is unfair and why China should change it.So, If you were Zhan Haite, would you have coordinated protests? Post your views online, or in interviews or editorials? How would you fight for the things you need? If you think that something is unfair, it is okay to fight for it. It is only natural.  


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