In our day to day tasks, it is imperative to be vigilant about accidents that may occur in the workplace. Accidents can occur in any workplace environment, be it from high risk workplaces such as a construction site up to low risk workplaces such as government office. Organizations need play an active role to ensure the chances of accidents occurring in their workplace is removed.One of the main initiatives that can be conducted by an organization to reduce workplace accidents is by reducing unsafe conditions. It is often that conditions that are unsafe are so obvious that people might overlook. A simple example will be slippery floor that might cause people to fall or poor lighting conditions that reduce sight visibility. These are the unsafe conditions that people need to be alert of and are easy to be rectified. For example slipper floor can be overcome by placing floor mats and poor lighting conditions can be overcome by placing multiple light bulbs in an area.Another steps that can be introduced to reduce workplace accidents will be to introduce operational safety reviews. This aims to ensure all departments or business units comply with the related safety regulations imposed to the organization. This review will allow workplace accidents being tackled in a holistic manner that will cover people, process and technology aspects.Accidents at the workplace can also be reduced by reducing unsafe acts in the workplace. This because most accidents occur due to human behavior. Even if all other factors is secured, a simple act of human misconduct can still result in accidents. One of the method to reduce unsafe acts is by training. Organizations can provide the necessary training to their employees so they can be aware of hazards in the workplace. Additionally, training can also be provided to equip employee with the skills and knowledge to monitor and spot potential workplace hazard so that it can be identified and improved. This input from employee on the ground is especially important since they are the one closest to the work.Another method to reduce unsafe acts is by introducing positive reinforcement. This can be done in terms of KPI that are rewarded with incentives. This KPI can be set that each employee will need to report a minimum amount of potential hazards each year and also to address each of the reported hazard. This will increase employee participation to contribute towards reducing unsafe conditions in the workplaceThe most effective method to ensure continuous


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