Intoday’s competitive business environment and increased global competition,managers in organizations are quite interested in increasing the performance oftheir employees. The hope of employers that the increased and distinguishableperformance of their employee may differentiate them from other competitors andgive competitive advantage have lead to the adoption of new strategies andschemes in organisation.

Such as management development programs, employeeassistance programs, employee involvement programs, customer friendlyapproaches, other means such as psychological training on soft skills, teamworks etc are used. But all of this performance enhancement programs are doneon the assumption that employees in the organisation have the capacity, abilityand skills to do the task and would put necessary effort for the betterment oforganisation. Thus it point out the importance of hiring and selection of humanresource as the basis for employee performance.Asalready mentioned about changes in current management philosophy and strategieslike continues improvement appraisal system, employee involvement in decisionprocess, autonomous work team, work sharing assignments within teamsinteractive work system has increased the need of psychological functionalskills in the job which has to be assessed as part of selection. Recent changesin the way of work done in organizations, increased number of professions,specializations and tasks also have prompted to assess the job applicant wellbefore selection. The functional skills, psychological skills, and technicalskills demanded by an organisation have changed and managers are looking for anemployee who is rightly fit for the job. Personnel selection and assessmentremains a very important issue during the life-span of every small or largeorganization.

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Companies not only invest millions in choosing the appropriatepeople for filling in their vacancies, but also spend valuable working hours ofcurrent employees acting as interviewers, or test administrators (Schmitt andChan, 1998). The present research is intended toAsit is known to business professionals that use of proper selection tools arenot effective in our country, there is always a person and job unfitcomplaints, job dissatisfaction, absenteeism, accidents, violence andmisconduct in work place and ineffective performances even if all othermanagement support is given. Such problems the human resource department facetoday is basically because of the inappropriate selection of job applicants.Thus the investigator has decided to address these issues by providing aselection device, more over tries to create awareness of the psychologicaltraits which all employers seek for employees in particular jobs and in common.Which would helpful for both employers and employee to develop themselves foremployee selection.


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