In the past, feminism first started as a political movement where men and women are of equal status with a mutual respect, it was not supposed to be about female supremacy.Today, women claim they want equality, but they use this as a guise for special treatment. A common dilemma with women today is the gender wage gap. Modern feminists argue that there is a difference in wages from their male coworkers and that they should be paid equally, but a wage is based on performance and skills, not a person’s sex. Feminism has become a distorted version of what it used to be. The fight for equality is no longer a priority whereas the goal of attacking men to raise women up is.Another way feminists ridicule men is by verbally abusing them. When men try to pursue women, feminists verbally abuse them and their motives by calling them “creepy” and “sexual predators” if they are not interested (Young). This is prominent on the internet as many new slang words have been invented to describe the behavior of men. Gender-specific words like “manterrupting,” “mansplaining,” and “Manosphere” (which is a place on the world wide web dedicated to misogynists) have been used as put-downs for arguments that feminists do not agree with. Even the minor actions of men that may seem mildly misogynistic causes them to get bashed, such as the act of saying you do not agree with feminism could get you labeled as a male supremacist. In an article on NewStatesMan, Laurie Penny, a feminist from the UK, encouraged women to remain single instead of “wasting years in succession on lacklustre, unappreciative, boring child-men.” because she felt that women were not treated well enough by all the men in the world. Modern feminism is blinded with the generalization that all men are evil instead of giving them the respect they deserve by putting them down. There are misunderstandings about feminism and its values. What they detest is misogyny, not the men themselves. Some men do have a prejudice against women, so feminists often mock them, but “it is a myth that feminists are man-haters” stated by Daisy Lindler, a feminist on an article on the Huffington Post. As written in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy article on feminist ethics, by Rosemarie Tong and Nancy Williams, “proponents of feminist care ethics … stress that traditional moral theories … are deficient to the degree they lack, ignore, trivialize, or demean values and virtues culturally associated with women.” Feminists are stuck in time, believing that the traditional bonds of evil patriarchy are still applicable to them. They believe there has been a violation of their rights just for being a woman, but they label themselves as feminists, which is not what a movement about equality between the sexes stands for.Modern feminism has destroyed the public’s idea of feminism. They have been bashing men for even giving their mildest opinion on women, and treating them of a lower status just because they are men.  Although they fight for rights, their enforced parity makes them seem like the selfish women who only care about being on top. If feminism is about equality, they should retire their misandristic ways and focus on the promoting a society where men and women are of equal status.


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