In any business the sales and
marketing departments will have practices that meet legal, regulatory and
ethical requirements. The scope of these practices are a set of procedures,
processes and actions which are designed to work alongside rules and
regulations as well as considering ethical dilemmas. In business, a procedure
is a specific way of doing something, an action is doing something to reach a
predetermined goal and a process is a series of actions to achieve a goal.

At Flightcase Warehouse we use a
CRM system to capture the details of every person who places an order with us
as well as using social media platforms and email marketing to reach a wider
audience. This enables us to adjust our marketing to appeal to everyone and not
offend anyone. The handling of people’s private data means that certain
procedures must be followed to comply with The Data Protection Act 1998. The
procedures would include only asking for data which is necessary, as well as
giving a justified reason for the length of time that we will hold the
information for and the purpose of us collecting the data is made obvious and

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All data that we hold is kept
securely in our CRM system and is only available to those who need to use it.


Sales and Marketing are
important as they are the part of any business that is most exposed and
specifically to the public, it is important that these requirements are
followed as customers may be offended and this is going against company
policies and acts which could harm the business. It could also lead to being
sued or taken to court depending on the severity.

Legal requirements for example
are making people aware what goes into the making of the product. Another legal
requirement is to following acts such as the data protection act, the handling
of a customer’s sensitive data for example their payment details and address is
very important and must be dealt with correctly by following procedures.

Regulatory requirements are laws
put in place by the government. Businesses must follow these regulations as
they are all legal requirements. Regulations are put in place to ensure that government procedures are
followed. This is to ensure all actions that can be taken to make sure all the
products manufactured and sold by the business meet government requirements and

Ethical requirements are put in
place to help, protect and keep employees from been discriminated against. Laws
such as the human rights act will protect people of all different ethnicities
being discriminated against. In sales and marketing, the people that you will
be exposed to and must work with will be diverse meaning they will have
different religious beliefs or be a different ethnicity. This must be
respected, and the human rights act must be followed. It is of utmost
importance that no one is discriminated against or treated any differently and
if this behaviour does occur in the workplace or anywhere it is breaking the


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