In this
essay, I will be discussing the following topics. Firstly, I will be discussing
my own personal experience of the interaction of dramatic play throughout the
duration of my first semester of college. Then secondly, I will be discussing
the benefits of play, not only in the life of a child, but also in the life of an
adult. Then finally, I will be discussing how this is connected to the thinking
that is used to play in Early Childhood Care and Education settings.

Firstly, in
this paragraph, I will be discussing my own personal experience of the
interaction of dramatic play throughout the duration of my first semester of
college. At the start of my semester, I felt very uncomfortable and nervous
about this drama module about playing in the class. At that early stage, I did
not really know anyone in the class at the time, this made me feel isolated and
conscious of myself while playing in front of the class. Over a period of time,
we all eventually got to know each other better. By this, it gave me more
confidence and made me feel more comfortable about playing and it made our
experience of play more enjoyable. Throughout the module, all the games we
played were fun and quite enjoyable. I felt I adapted more to storytelling
games, these were games such as the Helicopter Stories and the Yes, and
stories. I liked playing the Helicopter Stories, however I preferred the Yes,
and stories. The game Helicopter Stories is coming up with ideas and stories
and then acting them out with other people. I liked and enjoyed playing this
game as I got the opportunity to share my creative stories and enjoyed having
to act out the stories, also was quite funny watching everyone else acting out
their own stories. However, I preferred the Yes, and a story, as it was more
interesting also it was my favourite game. The game Yes, and stories is coming
up with different ideas which is agreeing with your partner and then adding
additional information, then acting them out as part of a story. I loved this
game as I got the hang of the game right away, also the game allowed me to
share my creative and imaginative ideas to make our own story. Overall, in my
personal experience of being a playful adult was fun and an enjoyable
experience during the drama module, as it reminded me what it feels like to
play as a child again.

Secondly, in
this paragraph, I will be discussing the benefits of play, not only in the life
of a child, but also in a life of an adult. I believe play is an important key
factor for children at a young age, as it is an opportunity that all children
should have as it benefits their development in various ways. Tina Bruce is a
famous and is highly respected academic and theorist in the area of play, I
learn from her that in the development of a child, play is beneficial for the creativity
and imagination of a child. As stated in her 12 features of play, “It is becoming increasingly clear through research on
the brain as well as in other area of study, that childhood needs play. Play
acts as a forward feed mechanism into courageous, creative, rigorous thinking
in adulthood.” (Bruce, 1997). So from this she is referring to
when children creates different things by making something unique, such as
playing with a teddy bear and pretending it is a baby in the mind of the child.
Also she mentions in her features that it is better for the child to interact
and connect with others as it will increase the social skills of the child and
it allows the child to learn a new skill by sharing with others such as toys
with other children. On the other hand, “A playful adult is more creative and has less trouble with problem
solving” (Jennings, 2005), play also is beneficial for the
adult. When the adult has to play with other children, they discover their own
childhood past experiences and how they played. I believe play is quite
important and beneficial for the adult as they get the chance to witness how
children play. When the adult is playing with the child, it is vitally
important to allow the child to lead the game to allow them to gain the best
experience of the game (Bruce, 1996). It allows the adult to see the creativeness
of the child. Another benefit of play for the adult as it allows the adult to
spend time with the child to get to know them better. Also that outdoor play is
another vital key factor for children in their childhood. Outdoor play allows
the child to play in fresh air, also it benefits the health of children.

Finally, in
this paragraph, I will be discussing the thinking of the uses of play in an
Early Childhood Care and Education setting. Every childcare setting should be encouraged
to allow the children to play more, no matter indoor or outdoor. Each childcare
setting should be equipped with everything, as in toys, books, costumes, sporty
equipment, even a playground which gives the child the opportunity to make
their play more enjoyable. Another important method of play can be
storytelling. Storytelling is beneficial as a method of play as it reveals the creativeness
and the imagination of a child, it can be revealed by playing games such as the
Yes, and stories and the Helicopter Stories. When playing the Helicopter Stories,
the practioner first should outline and make a rectangular shape by using tape
as it presents where the story is being acted in. Then they make up and write
down stories for the children, then they will re-enact the story while it is
being told (MakeBelieveArts). By playing the Helicopter Stories,
it allows the child and other children in the class to gain confidence and
allows them to feel more comfortable to play in front of their fellow peers.
Also the Yes, and story game can be another beneficial method of play as the
storytelling game can increase the development of children as it expands their
imagination. By this game has another benefit as it allows the child to play
with others and to share and accept the ideas of other children (Early Arts
UK Storytelling and Role Play). For the game to be played
appropriately, the practioner is advised to be the narrator as they use the
ideas that the children have to create a story. As a result of playing either
of these games is allows the child to interact with others and allows them to
create their freedom of play.

Play is a
major role in the life of children, so it is important that children have the opportunity
to outdoor play when in the childcare setting. As children play in the outdoor
environment, it is important that the surfaces and other objects is soft and
has no sharpness as if it is not it may injure the children. So the ground in
the outdoor environment should be a soft surface such as soft tarmac, as it
would be safer and securer for the children to prevent serious injuries. When
playing in an outdoor area, should be secure at all times also it should
contain the proper playing facilities such as swings and slides for the
children to play on.                                                                                                                     

conclusion, in this essay, it has discussed effectively on how my experience
went on being a playful adult, which made me feel more comfortable and
confident to play in front of others in the class. This essay also has
discussed the benefits of play in not only the life of a child but also in the
life of the adult, such as the creative and social skills and that the outdoor
play is vitally important as it increases physical health of the child. Then
the essay has discussed how play can be used effectively in the Early Childhood
Care and Education settings, such as the storytelling games to be encouraged
more also that outdoor play should be encouraged more in the setting. So as the
outdoor play is to be encouraged more it requires the setting to be safe and
secure for children at all times.


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