In an average computer system there
are many major, vital components, parts, and specifications that all help make
up its entire structure. These specifications (processor speed, amount of RAM,
operating system type, storage capacity, expansion cards, and graphics cards)
all play a unique and essential role in the computer’s processes and

processor, or CPU, of a PC is considered the brains of the computer. According
to Statistics Canada, processor speed measures the number of instructions per
second the computer executes. The speed is measured with gigahertz, MHZ, or GHZ
depending on the type.

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            RAM, also
known as Random Access Memory, is the short-term memory located on the
motherboard. According to Computer Hope, because RAM information is accessed
randomly instead of being provoked by a CD or a hard drive, the PC can access
the information a lot faster. However, the information is only accessible while
the computer is turned on. Once it is turned off, all RAM data and information
is lost.

operating systems of a PC are a set of program files that controls a computer’s
services. Specifically, embedded operating systems include technology and tools
that enable developers to create a broad range of devices. They are usually a
specialized operating system for use in the computers built into larger
systems, according to Tech Target. Scientists and programmers frequently use
another operating system, UNIX. UNIX has many advantages: More stability and
greater built–in security than Windows, free software updates, inspires novel
approaches to software design, and more.

computers need some sort of storage capacity to hold memory, data, and
instructions. This is measured in kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, and terabytes.

cards are used to add extra functionality to a computer, based on Techopedia
descriptions. There are a variety of expansion cards ranging from, sound cards,
graphics card, and network cards. They are also known as add –on cards or
interface cards. Graphic cards are used to display high-quality visuals using
advanced graphical techniques.

            Every PC
has some use of software that helps carry out certain functions. The three
major types of software are system software, programming software, and application
software. System software is designed to run a computer’s hardware and
application programs, according to Tech Target. Examples of this would be the
boot program, a device driver, and system utilities. On the other hand,
programming software helps the programmer in developing other software, as
described on IT Definitions. An example of this would be UNIX. And lastly,
application software is designed for users. Examples of application software
inclusions are spreadsheets, graphics, games, and communications. We know this
type of software today as “Apps”.



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