In an economy, these days one of the main questions happens to remain the same and unanswered.

This question is ”Who is responsible for keeping food safe?”. When It comes to this complicated question there is no one who has a logical answer. For some people looking this answer up would be the best option to do, but the internet doesn’t know the answer either. So, I come to give me opinion about the situation. In my opinion, I think the government should be responsible for keeping and protecting the foods that customers eat and live off.  If the government took a little of their time to make sure the citizens of their country are safe from contaminated foods, there would be less diseases. With this less citizens, would be in hospitals.

I would also, put the farmers and creators of the foods under the responsibility to keep the food safe. To some small extinct farmers and creators let foods such as bad meat and outdated milk be sold to loyal customers without caring what would happen. For example, there were over a thousand-people sick over contaminated peanut butter because the producers over the company didn’t know their product was spoiled with chemicals. For this mistake the company was sued for a large amount of money. This problem could’ve been easily token care of if the government or the creators of the foods were keeping watch on their product. Another example, is approximately 5 years back there was a ground beef recall.

The ground beef looked fine but inside was E. coli. This is some deadly bacteria it causes symptoms such as kidney failure etc. This is another reason for the government or the farmers to keep watch on their product. If foods aren’t safe and healthy the outcomes can be hazardous. To some people that have strong stomachs, they have a 50 50% chance of living from some of the deadly accidents caused by companies and farmers for not keeping food safe.

The effects of an unsafe food product could be incurable sickness that a hospital can only say ”sorry’ for. For others, it can be dangerous to even taste it and throw it back can cause death. This is way I would suggest that someone keep the food safe.  


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