In sociology, the definition of socialization is when one learns their group’s norms, values, attitudes, and behaviors. It is evident that kids learn from their parents and elders how to do just about everything.

As an individual is growing up, they watch the people around them in an act of primary socialization. From the time a child is born, their parents teach them how to walk, talk, act, be a parent, date, and just about everything in between. From watching them, the kids learn how they are supposed to act in whatever culture they are born into.Neglect is failing to give the correct care and loving attention to your child. If a parent neglects their child, obtaining any form of relationship with another person will be difficult for the neglected child. The difficulty is due to the fact that nobody correctly taught them how to obtain a relationship with another human being. According to Kate Wilson, WMU graduate, neglect is just as harmful to a child as abuse, causing an inability for affected students to perform at the same rates as other kids, as well as maintain a social relationship with others (“Effects of Bad Parenting on Children | LoveToKnow,” n.d.

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). Not being able to hold a social relationship with a person puts the child at a great disadvantage for their future. Keep in mind that they are already at a disadvantage due to the fact that they cannot perform at the same rates as other children. Though it is the parent’s fault for not correctly caring for their child, it is the child who has to pay the price for their poor actions. It has been said that everyone actually becomes a version of their parents as they grow older.

So what happens if a child is introduced to the cruel possibilities of an abusive family at such a young age? According to research from Joanna Ehlers, victims of abuse often acquire anxiety, try avoiding their home, and at times become isolated (“How Does Bad Parenting Affect Children?,” 2016). Keep in mind, this isn’t only referring to physical abuse, but sexual, mental, and verbal abuse as well. If one is born into an abusive family, it is very likely that they will follow the same abusive patterns in their own family that were followed in their childhood home. Another effect of abuse is the child’s self esteem. When an individual’s own parent puts their child down, it tends to lowers their self esteem quite a bit.Substance abusers are those who abuse drugs and or alcohol. A substance abuser’s mood often varies on whether they are sober or not and how sober they really are. This makes it unlikely for the child to know what they are coming home to each and every day.

According to Richard Gustafson, children who are raised by drug addicted families are likely to end up becoming antisocial (Richards-Gustafson, 2013). Those who are antisocial do not like being around and having to communicate with others and normally will develop some sort of mental health issue along the line. Becoming antisocial can lead to other serious mental health issues like anxiety and depression. On top of this, the children are learning from their parents that abusing these substances is okay. According to the treatment solutions website, it is more likely for an individual to become a substance abuser if that person comes from a family of them (“Alcohol Rehab – What is it and Why You Might Need It,” n.d.). This cycle passed on from generation to generation is continuously taking advantage of innocent lives.

Acts of bad parenting range anywhere from ignoring a child to abusing them in any way. Oftentimes, parents fail to give their children the attention they need to feel loved and wanted. Ignoring a child can be something as little as letting them do whatever they want, making the child feel like the parent doesn’t care enough to give them boundaries. In situations like these, the child will often feel ignored or unwanted. According to Beth Greenwood, registered nurse, children who are ignored are much more likely to act out and obtain poor grades (Greenwood, 2013). In situations like these, they often believe that if they act out, it will get their attention. The kids believe that the wrong kind of attention is better than no attention at all.

If they still don’t get it from their parents, they will search for it at school or just about anywhere else.


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