In 1979 Chinese governmentis past the one child policy that was set in place to help slow down theChinese’s booming population. 76% of China supported the one child policy. TheChinese government discovered that the One child policy is one big problem forChina rather than boosting its country. It has “Create more problems than theysolve”, in China’s case, can negatively affect the economy.

This policy wasoriginally set in place because the Chinese population grew rapidly in the 20thcentury. In 1960 there were 7 million Chinese residence, the population grew toabout 1 billion in the 1980s. Because of the policy and contraceptives, theyChinese Prevented 4 million births and help break the big family for tradition.

The one child policy really only affected 1/3 of the country making exceptionsfor residence in rural areas and for ethnic minorities. The policy also allowedparents without siblings to have up to two children. The one child policy hasled to the imbalances in China. Because of the policy women are more likely tobe pressured into abortions because of penalties or threats of losing theirjobs. Records show that there were 336 million Chinese abortions in 40 years inorder to follow the one child policy. The one child policy brings many more problems,because people are find this allows wealthy people to slide through the policy.

Another issue found with the one child policy is the “missing girls” issue,because in Chinese society it is preferred to have males, females are oftenaborted or given up for adoption. She was discovered in the 1990s because ofthe 5 million “missing women” in China.In Chinese society theystress that the children care for their aging parents and also for their aginggrandparents. The one-child policy creates the 4-2-1 problem, which causesstress for the one child with no siblings. The demographic show that theshrunken youth made up of mostly males could harm the Chinese economy. Theelderly makes up about 12% of the population in 2013.

They predict in 2050 theelderly population could raise to 34%. The Chinese one child policy has led tomany negative effects, we can even see the abuse of human rights. With all the statistics,we could see that Chinese one child policy has led to failure.On January 1, 2016 China finallyabolished the one child policy. All Chinese couples are now allowed to have twochildren. China’s population is up to one .3 billion people, yet the one childpolicy had created some problems for China’s economy.

As predicted China’spopulation is aging there over 222 million people in China who are 60 years oldand older. The number of people who are out working age is rapidly shrinking.When the Chinese government lifted the policy, and brought through the two-childpolicy the Chinese government didn’t expect for the outcome they got. Intothousand 15 we had expected 18 million burst but only got 16. 55 millionbirths.

Now that the Chinese are able to have more than one child, many arestill only having one because of the cost of living is increasing, the cost foreducation is raising, and now are increasing women’s involvement in the workforce.            Bulgaria has the most extreme population decline in theworld. Bulgaria is located in eastern Europe and has lost a fifth of itspopulation since the 1990’s.

Since the fall Soviet Union and the economiccollapse, it has left many Bulgarians financially insecure which resulted inBulgarians not wanted to have children. Bulgaria is expected to be 30% smallerby 2060, which means 164 fewer people per day and 600,000 fewer people peryear. You can find 1.4 births per women in Bulgaria, and for most other countriesyou can find 2.

4 births per women. This country also suffers from brain drain,the emigration of highly trained, intelligent people for better pay or jobopportunities in other countries. In many countries like the United States youcan find students studying abroad, well in Bulgaria you will find that 20% ofBulgarian student study abroad and 80% of student stay abroad. Which means thatfor Bulgaria the term “Brain Drain” comes to effect once again.


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