In an article from the World health organization about respiratory diseases it shows that more than 3 million people die of Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease which approximately makes up 6 percent of all deaths in the world. There are a large amount of documented lung diseases.

From the flu to lung cancer all of them can kill you without medical treatment. There are also others like pneumonia and asthma. As influenza seems like a non-threatening disease, it can and will kill you.

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Influenza also is known as “the flu” or “cold”, is a disease where The virus attacks all of the cells in our nasal passages. This generates symptoms like a runny nose, coughing and, a ton of sneezing. Influenza has 3 types, A, B, C.

Type A, and B both are regular diseases. Except that A can be found in animals while B can only be found in humans. Then there is type C which can be found in both humans and animals. Sadly over 36,000 people die of influenza yearly, And in impoverished countries, it can go to at least 500,000.

The way it gets to these people and kills them is different from the types of diseases. Type A sticks to animals, type B is spread through human contact, and type C stays inside of an animal, evolves, then proceeds to infect a human. As influenza seems to be a bad disease, asthma is a disease you can have from birth.Asthma is when the bronchi are inflamed, they swell, so they become narrower, restricting the flow of air into and out of the lungs. Then when muscles in the walls of the airways are irritated, they contract making the airways even narrower and making breathing more difficult. The inflammation also means that too much sticky mucus is produced, which blocks the airways even more. The most common cause of asthma in kids to teens is due to allergies. For example, if someone was allergic to dogs they might produce the symptoms of asthma when around dogs.

In people who are older than that, it may be their medicines causing these problems or symptoms. Also, some foods could cause asthma, For example, if someone is allergic to cake they could not be able to breathe due to the symptoms and be sent to the emergency room. Also, the obvious smoking and pollution can cause asthma symptoms. Also, weirdly enough being very emotional or depressed or “the emo kid” can cause these symptoms. Most of the people affected by asthma are in the cities due to the amount of pollution causing the asthma. Also in the united states alone over 7 million teens get asthma. What kills people with asthma is when they have an asthma attack.

What happens is that all of the symptoms that I stated happen with asthma get steroids and then proceed to block air going to your lungs completely. If you think that having asthma is bad there is something even more deadly, Pneumonia.Pneumonia is a very serious infection of the lungs. The reason people get this is that of how normally kept out bacteria and fungi get into the lungs they start to wreak havoc inside the lungs.

What happens inside of the lungs when you have pneumonia is that the fungi and bacteria start to attack the fragile and thin walls of the alveoli and bronchioles. After the bacteria starts to do this the thin walls of the  alveoli and bronchioles allow it to get into the bloodstream and make those parts of the lung unusable and a source of spreading the disease to other systems. How it gets into your lungs is that either contaminated water droplets a drank in large quantities or there is significant  it hiding inside of the droplets that make up humidity. This is the reason it kills over 800,000 kids below five yearlies, and about 1.7 million people worldwide, and to add the severity if you get pneumonia it has a high chance to kill you. Most people know about lung cancer as one of the most deadly lung diseases, and they are not wrong.

Lung cancer is when a tumor formed by tissues growing round-the-clock causing either primary or secondary lung cancer. Primary lung cancer is when the cancer starts from inside the lung. It is divided into two types, Small cell, and non small cell. The way people decide which ones through use of a microscope. Small cell lung cancer is called oat cancer for its oat like shape under the microscope, it attacks fast and frequently, it is usually in people who smoke.

Non small cell lung cancer has three types Adenocarcinoma, Squamous cell, and Large cell. It also causes a collapsed lung and pneumonia   Secondary lung cancer can start from anywhere in the body, for example the disease may start in the heart and spread into the lungs.  Some symptoms of lung cancer are An undying cough, You chest hurting insanely bad, Your breaths are very short, You are constantly hoarse, Your neck or face is swelling, and significant weight loss, etc. In the end lung cancer has killed  84,859 men and 70,667 yearly a lot.In the end 6 percent of death in the world are from lung diseases. If you get these diseases you can most certainly survive. If you have lung cancer you have a much smaller chance of living compared to someone with influenza. In the end to take away from this these diseases are very serious and if you have them or think you have them, get a doctor appointment.

But don’t do it for an irrational reason.


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