In our institute whole course is separated into 13 stages: 4 stages in class IX, 4 stages in Class X,and 3 stages in Class XI and 2 stages in Class XII took after by exceptional classes of RankImprovement Program.

? In Our institute each stage has comprehensive tests and Phase Tests (both on JEE Main and JEEAdvanced example).? In our institute the Subjects covered will be Science, Math, Social Studies and Mental Ability inclass IX and X and Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in class XI and XII.? In Modulation Institute we provide Single exhaustive examination material. Extra issues will besupplemented wherever essential. Candidate ought not require any extra books and so on.? We provide All India Internal Test Series, these test make candidate familiar with a differentarrangement of examination designs and close by deliberate them with their National levelexecution positioning in the particular examples.

Tests depend on the normal least syllabus of allclassroom/School Integrated Programs.? In Our institute we solve Chapter Practice Problems, On every section candidate will be givenpart rehearse issues which they need to endeavor and submit before the start of the followingpart. These arrangements will be checked by the personnel and will be come back to thecandidate with comments and recommendations, in this way helping each student to have anexceptionally solid charge over major idea learning, extremely significant for getting Toppositions.? What tops off an already good thing of each class will be done through Class LearningImprovement Program for the individuals who have finished all assignments to additionallyenable them to get a higher Rank/execution in JEE (Main and Advanced) and Board Examshowever for all Other Engineering Entrance Exams, Junior Science Olympiad and different TalentSearch Exam led by State Government like JSTSE (Delhi)/SSTSE (Rajasthan)/MTSE (Maharashtra)in class IX and NTSE in class X.

? Modulation Institute having the ability to anticipate Success Potential Index (SPI) of anunderstudy. We continually urge our candidate to copy their Success Potential Index (SPI).? We provide All India Open Test Series for Target NTSE, Students can check their present level ofreadiness for Competitive exams and contend with Top candidate as of now contemplating inclass X through this Open Test Series, at the National Level which will also check theFundamentals Preparation for IIT-JEE on the subjects of class IX/X.? Modulation Institute have Grand Masters Package(GMP): A selective basics look based bundle of2500 Top quality issues on JEE design testing your comprehension of the subject. It covers allparts of JEE critical thinking Techniques.? We also provide Rankers Test Paper File (RTPF): Consists of Three section tests and five fullsyllabi tests on show and expected JEE design. The Test Papers are freely fixed in isolatedenvelopes with guidelines imprinted on top to take the tests at home by reenacting genuineexamination like conditions.


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