In today’s society what can be observed around our life is assaults, robberies, murders, a government which says and presumes that they are fighting crime, and everyone complaining about how everyone treats each other that leads everyone to ask how important are valuesin the society?Values are qualities that all the human beings have in order to live with each other on society in a healthy way. Designate the moral characteristics that are inherent in a subject.Universal values are formed by implied behavioral standards that are necessary to live in a harmonious and peaceful society.Our parents have thought us those values since we were little kids and experience have been helping us to acknowledge some more throughout our experiences inlife.Universal values are also more acutely needed, in this age, and on this society than ever before.Values have always existed and they are reflected on the people’s behaviors, there is an infinity of values in our society and each one of them is a fundamental part of us to guide our actions, and to form the person you will become when you getolder.That is why when you are doing something you have to think the situation through before acting and making the wrong choice, you use the values as a guidance to make the right decisions throughout your life.Every society needs to be bound together by common values, so that its members know what to expect of each other, and have some shared principles by which to manage their differences without resorting to violence.The values have been getting lost throughout the generations and that is because the families become more freely open on the kids behavior and on the kids having everything they want whenever and wherever they want it.That doesn’t help to form the society we want on the contrary it helps to destroy any chance we have to change the people they are becoming and creating a much worst society.In order to achieve a better society values have a great importance, in order to create something beneficial for the future generations, it is necessary to trust one another, not trusting the people surrounding you, creates an insecure surrounding where no one can be able to help or support one another and it makes a much weaker society.Values play a very important role since ever, there is no society that doesn’t from the practice of some of the values, the carrying out the practice of values such as respect, equality, tolerance, freedom of expression, are practiced among each person who surrounds us and is part of it to create trust in each person that person who practices them and that which surrounds us since they make us stay united by supporting each other.Parents are unlikely to meet much success if they insist that their children adopt any particular set of political values. They should want their sons and daughters to think for themselves and to come to their political views, whatever they turn out to be, ultimately because they believes in them, but also being optimistic and positive hat if their kids are reared and educated properly, they will share the parents and chool values and become a good person in all the aspects of life.values are no more than the application to society at large, and to government, of some of the most fundamental and indispensable rules that every decent person learns early in life and adheres to until death. Learning to be honest, be respectful, treating everyone as an equal, do not take things that aren’t yours, goodness, solidarity and volunteerism are some basic values that you learn since you were little and you learn to understand that not following those values will lead you to bad consequences.These rules are among those that the parents and schools etc. teach their little ones creates a healthy environment to live in. Success and happiness are possible only for those who follow these rules. Anyone who refuses to follow them finds himself, at best, without friends and trading partners, and, possibly, in prison or worse.Global understanding demands awareness of the interdependence of all things and a profound sense of responsibility for the fate of the planet and for the wellbeing of humanity. Developing world mindedness requires a re-orienting of education to include among personal, local, and regional concerns the challenges facing the entire world. The establishment of a peaceful society requires the arts of consultation and collective decision-making.Everyone should follow them; there are no excuses for transgressing them. People who do transgress these rules always deserve condemnation and, in most cases, punishmentUniversal values are acquired with family education and school, because the process of socialization involves that new generations internalize timeless concepts. It is important to contribute to the creation of a strong society in which you can walk freely and without fear


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