In the past, if someone tells you that mobile phones can be charged by
urine, I am sure you wouldn’t believe. Today, mobile phones can be charged by
urine, which shows that technology has greatly improved over the years and is
powerful. According to Daily Mail, more than half of the children under 10
years old uses mobile phones and it can cause many impacts.

(Transition: Yan Tong) Now, look at your phone with the screen on. Do you know that there are
currently 30,000 cells of your eyes that are reactive to the blue light rays emitting
from the phone?

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Bad point: Physical impacts

Main: The use of mobile phones causes bad health problems.

a)    Disrupted sleep

Blue light
rays trick the brain that it is still daytime.

Cells in your eyes are reactive when blue light rays enter our eyes.  This blue light ray emission suppresses
melatonin, a hormone that controls our sleep cycle.

is responsible for regulating body
temperature, blood pressure and glucose level. Suppressing melatonin causes us to fall asleep slower.

 High usage
of mobile phones affects melatonin as the blue light rays would trick the brain
that it is still daytime. Leads to insomnia.

cycle changes at a young age and causes health issues.

b)  Blue light radiation from mobile phones

have a higher risk of irreversible eye damage.

Their eyes
are still developing, allows blue light ray to enter the eyes and directly into
their retina.

devices are held close to the eyes, more light exposure, higher risk of
possible damages.

are: it leads to blindness over 50 years old in future and causes earlier
incidence of cataracts, which is the clouding of eyes that results in a
decrease in vision.

c) Brain development

Blue light
rays from mobile phones disrupt DNA, brain’s
protective barrier, and release highly reactive and damaging free radicals

Research on people who
has a phone against their head turned on compared to those who have a phone
against their head turned off. There is a higher level of activity for those
who have their phone turned on.

Young children have a
thinner skull and more fluid in their brain, which means it can absorb 10 times
more radiation than others

  By absorbing more radiation, it caused developing nervous system to
become prone to cancer

Electromagnetic rays
from cell phones affect glucose metabolism and the flow of blood in the brain.

(Transition: Chun Chong)
The points that she just mentioned are just some of
the bad impacts of mobile phones bring. On the other hand, have you ever
thought of the good impacts that mobile phone would bring about for a child?

2.     Good point: Social impacts

Main: Ease of Communication / Help with learning / Teach children

     a) Ease of Communication

Easy to
get in touch with one another.

example, in case of emergencies,
users can get first-hand notice though voice or video call, making landline telephones useful but it is inflexible because of
the wired configuration.

 Thus, mobile phones have come across a long way to provide
ease of communication to people. Mobile phones connect everyone.

b) Helping in studies

phones now have internet access and can help to answer their doubts in studies
through study oriented applications.

phones can also help to answer simple daily questions like daily weather or
finding directions.

c) Source of entertainment:

·       Everyone needs entertainment occasionally to escape from the stressful
work life

·       Mobile phones work as a great source of entertainment in that sense.

·       The availability of internet facilities on mobile phones can be a reward
for people when they accomplish a goal.

·       Communicating online through the internet is cheaper. There is a wide
variety of TV shows and games that you can download for entertainment.

30 seconds –
(Transition/Skit: Chun Chong & Timothy): Ah boy, why you think like that? Do
you know mobile phones can bring so many bad impacts to you too? Now I will
tell you why some of your points are not necessarily good. Some of the bad
impacts are increased cyberbullying, children exposed to graphic videos and
nudity, and lastly, children being desensitized.

Bad point: social

Main: Mobile phone causes a bad
social impact.

a)    Cyberbullying

·       Increased use of mobile
phones amongst the younger generation raises the amount of cyberbullying.

·       Although mobile phones help
with convenience to communicate with people, it could also be unhealthy.

b)    Exposure to graphic videos
and nudity

·       Children can get exposed to
graphic videos and nudity.

·       A study showed that exposure
to violence in either games or movies would lead to increasing unwillingness to
help someone in pain.

·       Exposure to violence promotes
the acceptance amongst children of “mean world” syndrome, which influence
people to believe that the world is a dark and sinister place.

·       It increases their agreement
to the idea that violence can solve problems.

c)     Children desensitized

·       If children spend a lot of
time using their mobile phones, they lose experiences that help them develop
empathy, understand emotional nuances and social cues like facial expressions
and body language.

·       Children lose touch with
people even when they are talking to them online but not in real life.

·       These social skills are
important as children need them to interact adaptively and survive in their
given environment. These social skills also play an important role in a child’s
emotional health and wellbeing.

·       These experiences lost
desensitizes them in the long run.

(Transition: Fion): As these children and teenagers are
being impacted physically and socially, they will also be impacted

Bad point: Psychological

Main: Usage of mobile phones has led
to psychological impacts on children and teenagers

a)    Mobile phones have made a
change to how our brains work

·       Human’s brains are still

·       Brain scans were conducted on
people who use technology

·       Test results showed that
computer savvy shown a sign of change in the activity in the left front part of
the brain while the group who just started getting used to technology showed
minimal activity in the same area

·       The novices began to show brain activity in the area after
two weeks of computer training, proving that technology affects the way our
brain operates

b) Low self-esteem

·       Addiction to popularity contests with others online (eg:
comparing likes, followers count)

·       Measure self-worth by the
feedback they get from their posts online

·       Children are spoilt and
pester their parents to buy the upgrade themselves to have a mobile phone,
while those who do not have the financial means to do will get looked down upon

·       A study has shown that younger girls were unhappy of their appearances
due to pictures on social media in mobile phones which influenced the way they
perceive themselves.

·       Universities’ study proved that passive following on Facebook triggered
users to feel jealous and low self-esteem when viewing posts of others (eg:
vacation pictures)

c) Mobile phones cause a state of anxiousness

Individuals panic and
feel anxious if they have missed out news on their mobile phones, such
situation is also known as “FoMo, or fear of missing out” 

An experiment was
conducted on individuals where their phones were placed within their area of
hearing and their heart rates were recorded

The results showed that
when their phones vibrated, there were signs of perspiration and anxiousness to
know what is going on in their phones

nationwide survey conducted proved that more than 500,000 adolescents spent
more than 3 hours a day using mobile phones and were more likely to experience
mental issues such as suicidal thoughts.

Conclusion: To sum it all up, mobile phones bring about positive social
impacts to young children and teenagers such as ease of communication. However,
the negative impacts of using mobile phones still outweigh the positives.
Although only 23.1% of the Singaporean population are children, they are 100%
of our future. If we continue to leave this problem unattended, the results
will be lethal. Let’s save the future by saving the children. 


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