In today’scivilization, immigration has been a very disputable issue. Should the seniorauthorities permit immigrants who are here unlawfully to become United Statesof America citizens? Is a sentimental query that many people ask; however, thequestion that I pose is, “What is erroneous about doing good to others?”Especially to the ones whom are just; such as, granting citizenship to dedicatedand ambitious individuals whose sole crime is their immigration rank  Currentlyover 11 million illegal immigrants refer to the US as home. Immigration isdefined as “the action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country”(Oxforddictionaries). Some voice that illegal immigrants are beneficial and othersdon’t. For the most part, coming to live in the US, a foreign country to many,is all a part of the American dream because it provides for an opportunity toachieve the goals of having a better life; thus, being enabled to reach out tothose that are left behind.             Many agree that illegal immigrantsare criminals. Are they really? No, they are not! A good example of this wouldbe of my father.

26 years ago, he embarked on his journey to the Bahamas. Fromthere, he made his way to the US. Now, there is nothing unlawful about that.His story closely resembles that of the 11 million illegal immigrants whose singlepurpose is to live the American dream.

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While the politicians in the White Houseswear by their deportation beliefs, the ones that dismay the rewarded pathwayto citizenship, illegal immigrants satisfy tax revenues because they pay taxes,are law abiding, and perform critical jobs that are important to the US. NationalAcademy of Sciences Study confirms immigrants benefit America (New York Times).Frank Sherry, a liberal group’s executive director announced a statementassessing the study. It entails that Donald Trump peddle fear and falsehood toimmigrants, but the facts from the credible research courageously demonstratethe benefits of illegal immigrants.Notgiving illegal immigrants a chance to live up to the declaration ofindependence is implacable.

As a product of illegal immigrants, I know thatthey simply want a better life; they are on a pursuit of happiness. Illegalimmigrants should be presented with an option that will allow them to be in theUS lawfully in which may ultimately lead to an acquired amnesty. The route tocitizenship should be attainable, not so difficult that it discourages theunity. Allowing illegal immigrants an upgrade in their immigration status willbe fruitful; America’s economy will be encouraged and the diverse cultures willbe broadened.


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