In contemporary era of the communication convergence,online money transaction, e-banking, e-shopping, internet auction, internetlottery, data conservation, data transfer to online ticket booking and inalmost all aspects of our life, we have to walk on the superhighway.

So, wehave to go through cyberspace.The most complex challenges faced by the governmentand law enforcement agencies since 1960s in the cyberspace are cyber fraud andother cyber crimes. This may be because the business world, financial sectoretc. were the most popular users of computer and internet from the early timesof new multimedia technology.The cyberspace becomes a media for the fraudster wherethe victims generally cannot recognise the accused. Therefore, cyber fraudbecomes the most pervasive form of white collar crime worldwide.

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Various instances show us that cyber fraud isincreasing day by day and there is immediate need to prevent and control thiscomplex problem worldwide. Yet the significant problem cyberspace isunspecified and undefined jurisdiction. Therefore, application of laws, rules,and regulations are in shambles in the world today.Due to liberalisation and globalisation India is alsonow well equipped to face e-commerce and e-governance.

As in natural world, incyber world also we are facing challenge from criminals and that is why Indiahas adopted several security measures, enacted the Information Technology Act2000 ; and Rules 2000 ; as well as constituted several bodies e.g., NASSCOM andCyber Crime Cell in several states for example in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai,Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad.

Like other crimes cyber fraud also is increasingday by day.Nowhere it is safe whether the UK, the USA, Russia,Canada, Israel, Australia, Pakistan, Bangladesh or India. Though we do have ourown laws but jurisdiction in cyberspace cannot be defined or specified and ithas become the cause of causes the major problem in cyber world.


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