this essay I will describe to you the importance of the heart to the human
body.  I will also tell you about the
heart’s function in the body and how critical it is for your survival.  I will discuss the types of cells in the
heart and their structure.  I will show
you how the different types of cells of the heart work together for overall body
function.  Finally, my essay will discuss
why the heart requires the different tissue types as well as unique cell type
functions and why the heart can not just have one cell type and the advantage
of having so many different types of cells.

human heart is an organ of the human body that pumps blood throughout the
body.  The blood is pump through the
body’s circulatory system, supplying oxygen and nutrients to the tissues in the
body and removing carbon dioxide and other wastes.  The heart is the most important organ in the
body.  Without your heart to circulate
your blood throughout you body you would not survive, you would die.  You would die from the lack of blood
circulating in the body, the human brain can survive only for minutes without
oxygen and then the brain cells start to die off, if your heart is not
contracting blood will not circulate and there will be no oxygen.

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human heart has cardiac muscle tissue found only in the heart that makes of the
mass of the heart.  The cardiac heart
muscle is beats continuously for the entirety of your life if you have no
health problems.  The cardiac heart
muscle is made with for endurance with a high contractile strength.  The heart is able to control its own rhythm
and only gets out of rhythm if there is a health problem in the human
body.  The cardiac heart muscle rhythm is
controlled by the ability to spread electrochemical signals so all of the heart
cells can work together as a team and contract. 
It’s made of interlocking cardiac muscle cells or fibers that give the
tissue its properties and they are branched in shape.  This makes the cardiac muscle cells’ property

cardiac muscle cells have myofibrils that are composed of myofilaments arranged
in sarcomeres, tubules that transmit the impulses from the sarcolemma to
interior cells and numerous mitochondria for energy, and intercalated disc that
are found in the junction of the different cardiac muscle cells.  The two type of cardiac muscle cells are
myocardial contractile cells and myocardial conducting cells.  The cardiac muscle goes under aerobic breathing
configurations to metabolize carbohydrates and lipids.  Stored with the cytoplasm are lipids, glycogen,
and myoglobin.  The cardiac muscle has
twitch-like period with extensive refractory phases followed by a short-lived relaxation
period.  The relaxation phase is necessary
so the heart can fill with blood for its next cycle in its process.  The refractory period is very lengthy to inhibit
the possibility of tetany; tetany is a medical sign consisting of involuntary
contraction of muscles.  In the human
heart, tetany is not harmonious with life, since it would thwart the heart from
pumping blood. 


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