In the TV show House, there is an episode called “The Mistake.” In this episode, a mother(Kayla) comes into the clinic because of joint and stomach pain. Then the doctor named “Chase” came to do a diagnosis. He thought the patient had Behcet’s disease, so Chase writes a prescription for prednisone. Some days later, Kayla comes back to the clinic. The test results confirm that the patient has Behcet’s disease. Then, Kayla tells the doctor that her stomach still feels pain, but Chase just disregarded the comment and assumed it was acid reflux or an upset stomach, which would have been caused by the prednisone that he prescribed before. Since he assumed this, Chase just wrote her a prescription for some other medicine. Kayla then was about to ask Chase a question but changed her mind. During this whole time, Chase was in a hurry to leave. Two hours later, Kayla is in the emergency room with a perforated ulcer. This means she was in need of emergency surgery. The contents of her stomach had gone into the abdominal cavity because of this peritonitis happened. The peritonitis caused sepsis and damage to the patient’s liver and kidneys. Another thing that House(another character) points out that if she had bleeding ulcers, then there was no way Kayla felt “okay” when she came to Chase. Due to the sepsis, Kayla suffers liver damage and requires a liver transplant. Since there was no liver that was compatible with the patient’s body, the patient’s brother insists on donating a lobe from his liver, which was compatible with Kayla’s. The transfer of the brother’s liver lobe to Kayla was a success. Two months later, Kayla comes back. Chase sees that the patient has fevers and does tests. Then the brother of Kayla came to see House. Then House finds out that the brother has hepatitis C. This makes House think that the liver lobe caused cancer in the Kayla. Due to the suspicion, House does an MRI on both the brother and sister. When the MRI’s reports come in, the suspicion was confirmed. The cancer had spread quickly in Kayla because her immune system was suppressed. The doctors were able to do surgery on the brother and save him, but Kayla was not so lucky. She was terminal. Kayla dies later. We later find out the reason that Chase was in such a hurry and did not give a proper diagnosis to Kayla is because he had just found out the his dad died from lung cancer. The issue was that Chase was depressed and distracted during the checkup with Kayla. The legal violation was malpractice. Malpractice means bad practice, improper professional activity or treatment, or the failure of a professional to use the degree of skill and learning commonly expected in a particular practice. The way this affected the quality of care Kayla got was because Chase was impatient. He did not take into consideration of how the patient told him how their stomach hurts. He just assumed what it was and never took the time to check. As you can see, this lead to much more problems which ended in the patient dying. If Chase was not impatient and took his time, they probably could have found the bleeding ulcers earlier, then they could have found a kidney that was not infected with hepatitis C, which could have saved the patient’s life. If I found this at my workplace, then I would do multiple steps to address the issue. I would take into consideration of the circumstances around this scenario. For example, Chase’s father died, which is what caused Chase to be impatient. After taking into consideration all the factors, I would make Chase have to pay the family of the patient due to the reason that their loved one died because of his malpractice. (Chase does this on his own accord by letting the brother sue him, which gave enough money for the family to keep their house). The next step would be temporarily suspending the doctor involved. The reason is that even though his father had died, that does not give an excuse for a doctor to do malpractice. People’s lives are in your hands, so you need the responsibility too. The reason the doctor is not fired is due to the situations surrounding the issue. The doctor’s father did die, which would make most people depressed and less attentive. Also, this is the first time an issue like this happened with this doctor. This is why I would suspend the doctor and not fire him. When the doctor comes back from suspension, he needs to work with a doctor for some time before he can resume his practice. The reason is when he works with the doctor he can learn more about responsibility and other needed traits of a doctor. These steps would make it less likely that this type of issue would happen with this doctor again. 


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