In the reading “Mrs. Kelly’s Monster,” Jon Franklin writes about a brain surgeon performing an operation on a patient named Edna Kelly. Franklin applies distinct literary techniques, which allows readers to visualize the setting enabling them not only to understand Franklin’s perspective of the scene but also helps readers become engaged in the narrative.

Franklin uses are repetition, metaphors, similes, and short sentences.             Repetition is used continuously throughout the narrative. For instance, he writes “pop, pop, pop, steady” referring to the heartbeat of Mrs. Kelly during the operation. Franklin also uses repetition to show impact by writing, “If she survives. If.

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If.” By writing “If” three times, it shows readers the serious mood and tone of the situation.             In addition, metaphors and similes are literary techniques that Franklin frequently uses also. For example, he describes the tangled veins inside the brain as “tentacles of the monster,” which is a detailed and visual description of the veins, while an aneurysm is referred to as the monster. Franklin’s detailed explanations make readers easily grasp the intensity of the scene.             Furthermore, the use of short sentences throughout the narrative was significant because they are straightforward and attract the readers’ attention since it shows tension.

Some examples are, “The journey will be immense,” and “The tension is electric.” Thus, Franklin’s use of the literary techniques makes the narrative unique. 


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