In the article The Managers Job: Folklore and Fact (1990), Henry Mintzberg describes managerial work as a set of different roles which include interpersonal, informational, and decisional roles. Managers are entitled to formal authority and their role is interdependent with others both inside and outside the organization.

As managers become the “nerve of the organization unit” (p. 169), they get an opportunity to obtain information from their interpersonal relations. They will process this information to make a decision for the organization.Introspective and self-aware are important characteristics that relates to effective management. The main focus should be on a managers understanding and response “to the pressures and dilemmas of the job” (p.

173). As managers face new challenges, assistance is unavailable from management science so they tend to rely on their intuition to find out solutions. For instance, managers need to find ways to improve the production process in response to technological obsolescence. A manager who has an introspective personality is more likely to enhance his learning and perform his duties effectively.

On the other hand, the article titled “Managing Oneself” by Peter Drucker (2005) is based on deep understanding of an individual’s strengths, performances, values, interpersonal skills, belongingness, and greatest contribution. “Self-awareness of your strengths and weaknesses can net you the trust of others and increase your credibility—both of which will increase your leadership effectiveness”. With response to the five questions posed by the author, I have done a self-reflection exercise which include what are my strengths?, how do I work; both as a team and individually?, what are my values?, where do I belong?, and what can I contribute?.

One of my prominent strength is my competence and liking towards business studies and courses and to fully realize this strength of mine I have pursued my Commerce Management degree. Some of my other strengths are simply the way I am, my attitude towards life and people which include being open-minded, respectful towards others, being responsible and motivated. Also being good at problem-solving and working smartly.

I also like to learn, progress and to find and expand new strengths to be more productive.How one works is a matter of one’s personality and learning techniques. I am precise and structured and prefer working on my own, but when necessary I am team oriented and will do my part to ensure that work is accomplished. Common personality traits, such as being a reader or listener, determine an individual’s performance. In my case I’m a listener like Lyndon Johnson and I know this since I perform better in my academics through paying attention and listening to the professor but overtime I have discovered that sometimes reading helps me better understand things that I have not understood by listening.Honest, accountability, discipline, kindness, creativity and thoroughness are some of the values I hold in everything and I do believe that all these values put together help build my character as an individualAt this time, I think I am in the process of learning and developing to find my place and that where do I belong and that with more insight I can make a decision that benefits me since “Successful careers are not planned. They develop when people are prepared”.

Belonging to a small or big organization, I think I belong to a smaller organization dynamic since I am able to better deliver my ideas in a smaller team and I work more efficiently in a smaller dynamic. As for being an advisor or a decision maker, I think I am better of as an advisor since I think my ideas and advises are unique and help implement an idea differently but if given a decision making position I can make sure that the decision I am going to make would be right one for all the people connected to it.My knowledge, leadership, insight, perspective, creativity and strategic thinking, all of which are my qualities, are what I can contribute to completing any task put in front of me. I can listen and learn from others to add to my understanding and growth.


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