In 2013  Kass Morgan has published her book “The 100″. One year later, Jason Rothenberg decided to transform Kass Morgan’s book into a TV Series. The action of the first season of the TV Series is placed 97 years after a nuclear apocalypse. In order to ensure the mankind survival,  „The Ark” (stuck to the Earth’s orbit) was formed. It was a station that housed over 2400 people, divided into another 12 stations. When the leaders Thelonious Jaha, Marcus Kane and Dr.

Abby Griffin found out that The Ark can no longer protect them in space, they’ve tried to find a solution for surviving again. That’s why they decided to send a ship back to Earth in order to find out if it is habitable again if the radiations are gone. In that ship, they sent 100 prisoners, like Clarke Griffin, Bellamy and Octavia Blake, Jasper Collins, Monty Green, Raven Reyes, Finn Collins, John Murphy and Wells Jaha.  The 100 kids that were sent back to Earth discovered a lot of things, that some part of the humanity has survived: the Grounders that were divided into clans, other Grounders that were cannibals and Mountain Men( they were living in Mount Weather) who were staying in the Mount before the apocalypse. (Source: https://en.

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order now ). The action in the second season is placed into the Mount Weather or on Earth. After a lot of conflicts between the 100, a battle with the Grounders, 52 of them died. The ones that remained alive were taken to Mount Weather. Here, the Mountain Main wanted them to feel safe, like home, so they gave them food, clothes, a place to live and sleep. Still, Clarke was feeling that something wasn’t alright. Later on, she discovered that the Mountain Men were using their blood and one of some Grounders that they captured so that they can survive in the outside world because the radiation was able to kill them.

Because on the Ark the life conditions were worsening, they decided to separate the stations again to try to come back to Earth. Some of them did it and the others lost their lives in the contact with the Atmosphere. In order to save the kids that were prisoners on Mount Weather, the people from The Ark made an alliance with the Grounders. (Source:


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