In Frederick County, they get about 40 inches of rain and 20 inches of snow per year (1). These numbers are relatively high compared to the other county average across the United States. In Frederick County , the average annual temperature is 56.25 fahrenheit and the annual highest temperature of Frederick County is 66.6 fahrenheit(2). 14% of Frederick County is covered in limestone (3).It’s hot and humid , according to Holli Riebeek, in the past decade, there’s been a temperature increase of 1.

5 fahrenheit (4). In the future, there’s an expected increase in temperature. In the following years, global warming will only lead to temperatures rising.

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Also, according to NASA, it is expected that in 2090 , the temperature will increase by about 12 degrees celcius (5). This site is likely to form sinkholes, especially when it’s hot,crowded, or rainy. I don’t recommend this site to be approved.

In Washington county, the annual temperature is 55.7 fahrenheit. Washington county gets about 40.78 inches of snow per year (1).

Overtime it is expected for the amount of rain to decrease. ALso, it is expected for the weather to get gradually warmer. But there will still be a lot of limestone in Washington County and be known for karst terrain which makes it a big risk. (home of most sinkholes). This site is likely to form sinkholes. There is limestone beneath the ground that will gradually form sinkholes.

This sight shouldn’t be approved.Gradually, Montgomery County continues to get warmer due to Global Warming. There isn’t as much limestone in Montgomery county as there is in the other two counties. There is a lot of bodies of water in Montgomery County. There’s almost two dozen lakes (6). In the future, temperatures will surely increase. Over time, it will get more hot and humid.

There isn’t a concerning amount of limestone in Montgomery County. Sinkholes forming in the future would not be likely. This sight should be approved


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