In today’s times, smartphones are everywhere. The number of people in the world who have smartphones has escalated to 2.1 billion, and is estimated to rise to 2.5 billion. In the past 25 years technology, has changed the fabric of society. With easy access to owning a smartphone, there comes the widespread use of Social Media. Social Media is a place where you can share things with others, find people, find funny or entertaining content, and many other things. This is a tremendous part of most teenagers lives, and we consistently choose interacting over sites over interacting face to face. With reading Henry David Thoreau’s Walden, a quote that intrigued me was when Thoreau was talking about living life simply: “Our life is frittered away by detail… simplify, Simplify”(Walden). This inspired me to think of what kind of things help to complicate my life, and I thought of, Social Media. I decided to pose my question for this experiment; what would it be like if I got rid of Social Media for a week?At first when I thought about doing this modern day experiment, it didn’t seem like too difficult of a task. I thought I didn’t need Social Media. It came to the day and I clicked open my phone, I held down on the apps until I saw the little X. One by one I deleted them all: Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and then Youtube. For some time after deleting them, I didn’t think anything of it and I went on with my day. It wasn’t until later on that evening that I opened my phone and by habit went to hit the bottom left corner of my phone, only to realize that the app was gone and I thought to myself: “So what else can I do on my phone?” This was the start to my downfall. The second day rolled around when I woke up the first thing I thought about was  checking all my apps but quickly realized they weren’t there. I went through the whole day thinking about what kind of news of I was missing, or who might have liked my picture, or even what if someone tagged me in funny post. It was miserable, I was bored, and constantly thinking about all of the content I was missing out on. By the 4th day, things started to get a little better, I became more productive instead of sitting there wondering what to do I started finding other things to do with my time like cleaning my room doing laundry and other chores I would normally have to force myself to complete. When I had my Social Media apps, I was so used to posting about basically every part of my day and reading about all of my friends days. When I first deleted the apps my days were dull not being able to know what everyone else was doing at any moment of the day but I went on to realize something very valuable. The conversations I had with my friends were so much better because we actually had to tell each other about the things that had been going on in our lives. It was kind of nice not knowing what was going on in everyone else’s life because it helped me focus on mine. Also, I realized who my actual friends were, I realized that just because you have a conversation with someone on twitter or like all of someone pictures doesn’t make you friends at all.  I had a lot more time on my hands, my day is always busy, I go straight from school to work everyday and don’t get home until around 6:30. I found myself having time to sit back and relax while still getting in homework, chores, and a shower. It was a nice balance for once instead of always scrambling to get everything done because I accidentally spent an extra hour on YouTube. Another thing that happened, was I started listening to more music. I found a new genre that I liked and discovered a few new songs and artists. The most meaningful I took away was I started to really experience life. Little things like riding in the car and noticing people walking on the sidewalks or taking my dog out for a walk and noticing the color of the leaves. It was good to see things that I normally wouldn’t notice because I was so busy scrolling through feeds. By the last two days, although, I learned some valuable things I was excited to get back into my apps and to see what was going in the world and what new meme had come out while I was away. A blogger who had done an experiment similar to mine with getting rid of social media for 30 days discovered some things similar to what I did. She discovered that she stopped comparing herself to others. I could understand this with people who try to portray their lives a certain way on social media could make us want to compare ourselves to a false unrealistic standard. Living a week without social media opened my eyes to the surroundings around me as well as my overall perspective on how I see things. I’m making more time to socialize and have more adventures outside of the house, resulting in a positive and more healthier mindset. I encourage you take the time to pull away from social media, even if it is just a tiny fraction of your day. Social media takes away from the world in front of you and how you perceive and retain things around us all.  


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