In this essay I am going to write
my personal reflective on what I have learnt in research and study skills
classes. These essay include a few assignments experiencing my personal
learning style, my strong point and my weak point. What strategy I need to adopt
for further work plan and further study. I am personal enjoying academic ideas
and concept. There are peck selective information I have came to know since I
started studying this courses this have helped me learned how to write good
essay and taught me how to use the proper concepts of the sentences . Most
people overlook the subject very simple because they do not see the welfare of
the course.


In mastering text and electronic
resources I have learned about how to organized textbook patterns for easy
preview as they give ideas for contents and look for learning aids in textbook
such as glossary ,summary, review questions ,etc. And also learn how to visual
and electronic media as nowadays learning materials comes in many forms. To
obtain information from internet it is very important to evaluate the sources
before taking any information.

Note making style has benefited
me a lot how to effectively take note, how to organize note. I real like the Cornel
note system as this system have helped me to organize note and which have benefited
me for revision of notes.

 In lecture 10 I came to know how improve our memory,
there are 3 steps involved i.e. encoding, storage, retrieval. Encoding can be
improved if we clearly know which information we are looking for. Storage can
be improved if information is organised in chunk form. Retrieval is improved by
practising retrieving information. With the help of this lecture now I know
which memory strategy I should use and which one works better for me.

In lecture 11 team works as they
are many opportunities to work with team. Team work is something which is beneficial
for us in college as well as for our future. Team work lecture had taught me
how to coordinate with team, how to encourage each other, how to share ideas, how
to encourage each other how to deal with different moments together. In team
work good communication skills is important. 

In lecture 12 I have learned how
to be a good speaker and how to take care of audience by trying not to bore,
how to properly express our thoughts and view


In Research and study classes the
lesson I learned through these courses have help me in research purposes.


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