In the article “The Great Influenza” ,John M. Barry describes in detail about the epidemic, including the scientist point and the methodologies of the research.The author use and analyzes the tactics of scientist ,and he also describe to the audience what the scientist’s role consist of. The author, John M.Barry uses figurative language ,syntax, and diction to elaborate.  Author John M.Barry in his passage from The Great Influenza states “certainty creates strength… uncertainty creates weakness” it laborate the finding to his question. Barry uses syntax and parallel structure ,it shows that questioning is necessary for a scientist to do so.He also apply this assumption in his sentences “To be a scientist requires not only intelligence and curiosity ,but passion,patience,creativity,self-sufficiency,and courage.” by describing the difficulties of a scientist and their works. He continues by using metaphors of the scientist “ones merely existing on the frontier or precipice of technology,taking experimental steps into the unknown which may led to their downfall.” Barry describes new theories of scientist by stating that “scientist teach us to doubt” , and using Einstein as an example , who didn’t accept his own theories until other scientist test it proving his theories. He uses the experience in the flu epidemic while using rhetorical devices like exemplification,diction and figurative devices to prove his claim that there is more to science that what man may think-it’s surface.Barry conveys that many trails are needed for scientist in order to prove their conclusion.Thought his passage Barry uses metaphors and describes “a flood of colleagues” that “pave roads over the path laid” to explain that science continually changes .Barry also is able to further describe the challenges of a researcher by comparing them to other situations and ideas.Barry uses rhetorical strategies to show that science is needed and should be used so others could explore new ideas and concepts. John M. Barry uses different rhetorical strategies to explain the role of the scientist and researchers role.Barry states in his passage from ‘The Great Influence’ that scientist should think successfully and develop solutions to it’s problems.By comparing the scientist struggles to the flu epidemic in 1918 he is stating that solutions can be created even if the problems seem bigger.Ideas can be created in order to inspire others to great things too.  


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