In today’s world every application is hosted on a cloud as the IT organizations doesn’t have to worry about building and maintaining the infrastructure. This gives Organizations flexibility to have as much as infrastructure necessary at any given point of time. One such application I would like to cite as an example for our discussion is Servicenow application which is a cloud based software as a service provided by Servicenow. This application is hosted and maintained by Servicenow all the data is stored and retrieved from the cloud and the IT organizations will just have to use the application. How cloud based application helped my organization:Using this Servicenow Application which is hosted on cloud for tracking all the IT tickets was one of the action items in the strategic planning of my client. While it was under the strategic planning they made a development plan/ reviewed/gathered data on how the Cloud based application can accommodate our day to day needs and now I say they are very happy with it as no maintenance, abundant storage, can retrieve data with ease and can access the application over internet and mobile as well.How are the topics of the two articles related to the topic?The two articles of the topic talk about the business advantages and the downside of using the cloud. As, we all are in a fast moving technological world need to understand that every Product comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Both the articles clearly depict how cloud computing can be beneficial to the organizations and bring profits, make the business users happy with their changing needs. What information was relevant and why?All the information provided in the two articles is relevant because both the articles talk about the below in common.1.       Flexibility: Employees working from any part of the organization an access the application hosted on the cloud.2.       Cost Reduction: Organization save a good amount of money as they don’t have to spend money on the infrastructure.3.       The ease of the implementation of the business needs by hosting the software’s/ applications which can be used on the go.4.       One less thing to worry about  : Organization will not have to worry about the upgrades of the Application or software’s hosted on a cloud


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