In the ancient world, the Rome law isthe most complete and perfect law of the system. It is not only a tool formaintaining and stabilizing imperial rule, but also the most outstanding contributionof the Romans to human civilization. As an important human cultural heritage,the Rome law is undoubtedly the most complete form of law based on privateownership, which has a wide and far-reaching impact on the modern world,especially western society, and it can be put forward in the following paragraphs.

Firstly, though the Rome law reflectsthe reality of the Rome Empire, it has become the legal source and legalforerunner of modern western law as well as the legislative basis of the continentallaw system. The French civil code issued in March21, 1804 adopts the structural system of “law ladder”, one of thefour legal documents in the Rome civil law, and defines three basic principles,namely, absolute ownership, contractual freedom and fault liability. In thisway, together with the German civil code, it formed the two pillars and originof the continental law system together. Europeancontinental law countries and many countries in South America have a closerelationship with the Rome law because of the French civil code.


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