In recent
decades technology has changed virtually features of our community, from the
way people socialize with each other and everything within it. Technology has
spread widely in the past few decades in many different kinds such as mobile
phones, tablets, computers, television screens and many more. However, to what
extend did the new technology affect our children? One of the main noticed
behavior is the way that children play and engage with each other and with
older generations. Although technology does provide many benefits for teaching
and learning, it also has a lot of negative effects on the child early
development stages and their quality of living.

     Some believe that technology has many
positive effects on children. However, one main difference in the way children
act these day is that they do not excise at all. This happens because
technology such as television screen, computers, and smart phones advocates
them to stay inactive when they get home from school, conflicting to going and playing
outside. According to Dr. Joan Han an endocrinologist in Memphis stated that children
obesity has risen drastically since the past few decades. In 2010, the children
obesity rate has been measured to be 20 percent, which is 13 point different
from 1970 (Han JC, 2010). While many parents
and schools have tried to change this my encouraging their children to exercise
during both their free hours and at school, but they still have a long way
before their children starts to excise and play in more regular way.

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     Supports of technology claim that it can
help children explore new things. Yet, many children do not experience the
welfare of spending time outside the house when they are relying on technology
for satisfactory entertainment. Study by Dr. David Pearlstein has
shown that spending time outside has positive effects on the human body,
staying outdoor exposes the human skin to the sunlight which supplies the human
body which supplies the body with vitamin D (PERLSTEIN, 2011). Not only that but
also it helps the immune system work regularly this helps to fight infections
and keep the skin healthy. Additionally, regular exposure of the skin to the
sunlight helps the sleeping cycle regular making the body produce melatonin
hormone (PERLSTEIN, 2011). Therefore, technology
can children explore new thing but it does not help them explore the outer
world that can affect their body systems in a healthy way.

     Opponents claim that technology such as
smarts phones and computers help our child learn. Nonetheless, studies by media
awareness network states that devices such as smarts phones, tablets and
computers emit harmful blue light from their screens that cause eye strain and
headaches (Atherton, 2011). Furthermore, this
blue harmful light can disturb kids sleeping cycle. When children are staring
at the screen for a long time this effects the melatonin hormone which
regulates the sleeping cycle (taylor, 2012). Thereby, refuting
the claim that help our children learn but instead it harms them causing eye
strain and headaches to our children.

     There is an opinion that technology can
help children learn easily through tablets and computers however it’s not true
because technology has many of stimuli and often requires one to pay attention
to many different things at once, children who play video games or spend a lot of
time on tablets or smart screens these children tend to have less of an ability
to focus than children who use technology less (Abell, 2001). When children are
exposed to technology, they tend to think superficially and doesn’t develop the
ability to think critically or be creative learning new concepts.

     In conclusion, technology might have
positive effects on our children such as learning, socializing, and
entertainment However, technology effects the health of our children on many
levels starting from immune system till their control center in their brains.
Instead of prohibiting our children from technology parents should set a daily limit
for the use of technology. Finally, would parents consider the harmful effect
of technology or would we blind themselves with its positive benefits? 


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