In the present business market, website plays very importantpart in the expanding of a business. Your business second most importantidentity is your website which works like an image of business address, contactand even your brand. The Quality and Working of your business website iscompletely depends on your web hosting. If you choose wrong web host providerthen certainly you are plying with the progress of your business.

It takes downyour business and you go a little down in profit. WebHosting Requirements For choosing best Web Hosting in Pakistan, youdon’t need to do searches. Just analyzes the needs of your business. We suggestsome Questions so you can judge the best web hosting to your business.v Are youwants to Host multiple Domains?v Haveyou an E-Commerce part in your website for supporting your sales?v Is yourtraffic volume is very huge?v Fromwhich geographical area to your customer belongs?So you have to choose the best one web hosting for yourbusiness.

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Start your web hosting planes with web host provider, because hegives all the basic hosting planes that fit to your business. BasicHosting Planes  There are 4 basic hosting planes. Choosing the right one hasgreat importance.

It has a direct impact on your business. Web host serviceproviders have these four major hosting planes. The advantages, features   and limitations of one web host servicedifferent from others.

Now, we check these hosting planes one by one.·      Shared Web HostingFor a small and mid-size business, shared hosting is bestand affordable hosting plane. Currently Web Hosting planes inLahore offer plenty of space and bandwidth that is enough for asmall business. So it is excellent for mid-size business to create averagetraffic on your site.Shared hosting, as name shows your website is hosted in aserver where others websites also hosted already. But it is affordable for asmall size business and it fulfills your needs also. But this plane has one problem.

As too many websites areshared on one server so there are chances to decrease in performance due toLoad of traffic. Another bad thing of this hosting, software also shared onthis hosting which also have an impact on its efficiency. If you afford a little (as quality comes at high cost), youshould take dedicated hosting plane. Shared hosting plane somehow have somerestrictions of software, volume of traffic and database support.

·      Dedicated Web Hosting  As the name suggest, it dedicate a whole server to yourwebsite. This type of hosting has an unlimited space, SSD and bandwidth withmany other features. But the problem is that, it is very expensive as a smallor mid-size business can’t afford it.We are writing two categories on which you can selectdedicated hosting for your business, if it fits to you.v If youhave website on which plenty of traffic comes daily.v If youhave an E-commerce business that requires a high level of security.   If you have a dedicated hosting, you don’t need to worryabout downtimes because of sudden rush of traffic.

As dedicated hosting hasvery high uptime, so downtimes never interrupt you. Besides this, you caninstall operating system and software of your desire. But this type of hostingrecommend to Vast Businesses that have tons of traffic all the time.·      VPS Hosting A Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is in between ofshared and dedicated hosting plane. This hosting is sometimes seems to beconfusing. A server is dedicated in a fixed ratio to your website on whichother website also shared. So it make sure that rush in other websites don’tinterfere in yours. VPS hosting is cheaper than the dedicated hosting.

It ismore reliable than shared hosting for mid-size business. It is alike todedicated hosting because it serves high amount of traffic on your siteefficiently. Web Hosting in Pakistan notonly limited to these three planes. There is another hosting that is muchbetter to these.

Because the world of hosting is too complex, we don’t limitourselves to just three hosting planes. All the hosting planes have some limitationsregarding to space, SSD, bandwidth and other factors. You should consider ahosting plane that meets your requirements.

·      Cloud Hosting   Cloud hosting have many advantages than dedicated and sharedhosting. In this hosting you can transform the speed of your server accordingto your needs. Suppose you are selling christmas lights. There is more trafficnear to christmas on your website so you need extra speed in christmas that isgiven to you by cloud hosting.If you are selecting the cloud server, then your network ismore reliable and secured. If there is any software issue in server or spike oftraffic then it don’t have an impact on your server.

Cloud hosting has very affordable cost than any otherregarding to quality also. If you want to upgrade your dedicated hosting socloud computing proves to be more reliable to you economically. It gives youmore features and services on the same price. The major drawback of web hosting at many geographical areasof the world is Best Server Location. If your server located too far then youhave to wait for the loading of data files.

ServerLocation  When you are selecting a web host plane you should alsoconsider the location of server very carefully. The idealize location serves onmany factors __ like your aim of marketing, Web hosting provider’s quality andtheir way of networking.Server location refers to transfer of your data to theserver and the users. If you are far from server then it takes more time toloading the files. That’s why if you are choosing a Web Hosting in Pakistan soyour server is also located in Pakistan.Your server location has also an impact on your SearchEngine Optimization (SEO). And SEO is such a thing on which you nevercompromise upon. When a user searches something, Google check if your websiteis relevant to that country than Google adds your site in SEO.

So if you arenearing to your server it will groom up your Google Ranking. Conclusion          Hence, there is too many web hosting that serves you. Butthe point is that, your business needs what type of hosting for making success.So set up a quality platform for your business!  


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