In  1917,  President  Woodrow  Wilson  declared  war  against  Germany,  for  the  reason  being  that  Germany  had  violated  their  pledge  to  stop  the  unrestricted  warfare  because  they  were  sinking  boats  with  innocent  civilians  on  it,  also  because  Germany  had  been  attempting  to  have  Mexico   form   an  alliance  with  them  just  in case  Germany  and  the  United  States  were  to  go  to  war.  After  the  war  took  place, though  with  all  the  death  and  destruction,  good  things  had  came  out  of  the  war  as well.  War  always  seems  to  speed  up  with  new  technology,  while  being  under  intense  pressure  for  the  obvious  reasons,  but  for  this  specifically  new  weapons  were  made  such  as  machine  guns,  tanks,  and  chemical  weapons.

 Which  is  a  good  thing  to  have  as  many  weapons  as  you  can  to  fight  against  your  enemy. It  is  always  good  to  have  as  many  people  on  your  side  of  the  battlefield  as  you  can  during  war.  That’s  exactly  what  happened  during  and  after  world  war  one,  France,  Britain  and  Russia had joined  allies  with  the  United  States.  Lastly  on  another  good  note  America’s  power  increased  more  than  it  already  been  slowly  but  surely  becoming  the world’s  super  power ,  making  people  think  twice  about  going  to  war  and  more  allies,  it  was  worth  it. World  war  2  began  September  1,  1993,  though  America  did  not  enter  until  December  7,  1993,  after  Japan  bomb  the  pearl  harbor.  America  did  not  fight  only  one  war  during  this  period  but  two,  right  across  the  globe  from  each other.  It’s  to  say  that  the  war  with  Germany  was  the  most  horrific  because of  hitler  killing the   Jews  which  was  around  60  million  people.

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 Many  lives  were  lost  during  the  6  years  but  what  came  out  of  the rubble  had  been  a  few  good  things.  One  being  that  the  war  drastically  changed  the  perspective  on  racial  discrimination  for  that  specific  moment  allowing  all  people  of  color  and  religion  to  work  in  the  factories,  participate  in  the  war  and  other  things  that  related  to  war  work.  Women  began  to  slowly  be  accepted  into  society  as  equal  beings  and  not  second  class  beings.  The  women  slowly  but  surely  made  their  way  up  the  ladder  to  work  alongside  men  for  the  given  time  helping  out  on  war  work  and  building  the ammunition  and  the  bombs  for  they, the  men  in  battle  can  use  for  their  enemy. Antibiotics  had  been  also  developed  during  this  time  which  was  good  because  it  lowered  the  mortality  rates  for  the  children  and  for  the  ill, this  made  it  all  worth  it.   In  1947  the  Cold  war  began,  the  United  States  does not  like  communism  so  when  the  Domino  effect theory  came  to  the  United  States  attention  that if  China  was  a  communist  country  it  will trickle  to  Korea  which  it  did,  then  to Vietnam  which  it  also  did,  then  the  surrounding  countries  will  also  fall  victim  of  this  the  one  party  rule. When  J.F.

K  was  elected  as  president  he  later  made   a  speech  that  said  the  following  quote  “…

Pay  any  price,  bear  any  burden ,  meet  any  hardship,  support  any  friend,  oppose  any  foe,  in  order  to   assure  the  survival  and  success  of  liberty.”  which  is  said  too may  have  been  a  direct  stab  at  the  Soviet Union. Though  the  United  States  and  Soviet  Union  did  not  want  to  engage  in  a  hot  war  because  both  had  been   making  nuclear  weapons   and  the  thought  of  a  nuclear  war  did  not  sound  very  appealing  because  they  both  would  have  lost  everything  they  worked  for. Which  is  lead  to  the  proxy  wars  such  as  the  Vietnam  war,  the  Soviet  war  in  Afghanistan,  and  the  Korean  war  and well  as  a  lot  of  others, it was not worth it.   


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